Stardock CEO On Whether Xbox Scorpio’s CPU Will Hold It Back

High end PC game developers will be setting their memory requirements higher in the future due to Scorpio.

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DeadSilence538d ago (Edited 538d ago )

Mediocre? Lmao

Edit: CPU, nevermind. Indeed Jaguar is mediocre, next gen we need some badass CPUs on Consoles.

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jhoward585538d ago (Edited 538d ago )

Like the article states DX12 takes the burden off the CPU. Also, what about the comand chip between the GPU and CPU, that as well should also take the stress of the CPU. So, before making any judgement, lets wait til E3 so that we all can see how these new tech ideas work.

zivtheawesome538d ago

Not many games use directx12 and DX12 was already hardcoded to the x1. So we know that its effect isnt as powerfull as it originally seemed

jhoward585538d ago

You can't compare the two(X1/scorpio), both systems are different in thier approch hardware wise. The x1 doesn't have a command chip between it CPU/GPU. I guessing MS finally realized, after many test run, they need a command chip to make DX12 work more efficiently.

TheCommentator538d ago (Edited 538d ago )

MS said during the tech interviews about the XB1 HW that they modified the command processors. MS also said after the Scorpio reveal that the Scorpio had the same DX12 HW as XB1. Scorpio has many other modifications besides the embedded DX12, but it at least shares that part of it's architecture with the OG console.

Matter of fact, Brad also said that DX12 was going to have a significant impact on XB1 performance way back when. That was the last thing he said before MS put the clamps on him, then Spencer said that DX12 will make XB1 better at what it was designed to do. I guess now we also know Brad wasn't lying, because now he's saying that his core neutral engine is going to exploit the DX12 HW in the XB1's, just like he was saying before MS shut him up. This is likely due to the fact that MS knew how long it would be before engines could be developed that fully exploit all of the innovations MS made to the XB1. Spencer also told the truth, because the XB1 was designed to take advantage of core neutral engines offloading draw calls to the command processor.

Turn 10 essentially confirms all of this too by saying that taking advantage of coding for Scorpio will also make XB1look better.

RegorL538d ago

It is not a command chip - it is a part of GPU, and it is already done in X1...

TheCommentator538d ago

Thanks for posting that, Regor L. That's the confirmation of DX12 HW in the XB1 command processor I was referring to.

jhoward585537d ago (Edited 537d ago )

Like I have meantioned before,"You can't compare the two(X1/scorpio), both systems are completely different in thier approch hardware wise"
Though, you might be right that the x1 also has a command processor under it hood. However, the x1 has an ESRAM while the scorpio don't, and to that note, it will certainly make a world of difference because as it stands the x1 is likely to have a lot more bottleneck than the scorpio. Everything has been reworked on the scorpio which makes it a much better gaming system than X1. So again, you can't compare the two(x1/scorpio).

From the article:
The analysis notes that all the pieces have been further customised by Microsoft, taking them beyond their off-the-shelf PC parts status. Microsoft reportedly “profiled” existing Xbox One games to identify bottleneck in order to avoid them when making Scorpio. The company said that over 60 customisations were made to the GPU pipeline to eliminate areas that negatively affected games’ performance in the past.

conanlifts537d ago

Plus they doubled the l2 cache compared to the pro. Quite a few tweaks in addition to the clock boost.

ChickeyCantor537d ago

DX12 doesn't take the burden off the CPU, it actually puts more work into the CPU by multi threading most of the work. ( this is a good thing ).

The command chip is brilliant tho.

DrJones537d ago

That's mostly theoretical. The hard numbers is a 2,3 Ghz Jaguar processor.

TheCommentator537d ago

SD11, MS doubled the L2 cache in the GPU. The CPU still has the same amount of L2 as the OG XB1 does. I made the same mistake too.

TheCommentator536d ago

I just double checked. Unless the Scorpio has 16MB of L2 cache within the Jag CPU, it has the same 4MB that XB1 and PS4 have already. Can anyone provide a link that shows this 4x increase is true?

The only cache that has been upgraded is the GPU L2, which went from 512KB to 2MB.

jhoward585536d ago

They were taking about the AMD Ryzen CPU having 16mb of speedy L3 cache. The scorpio doesn't have AMD Ryzen CPU under it hood. And, from what I have gathered from many gaming sites, the scorpio have a jaguar CPU, which only has 4MB of L2 cache. I guessing it was just a rumour, and that's it.

From the article:
Introduction AMD Ryzen processors are now entrenched firmly in the PC firmament. They offer particularly appealing performance-per-dollar if you are able to harness all of the cores and threads. It is usual to equip hugely multithreaded chips with lots of onboard cache that helps to keep the beasts full of data. And Ryzen is no exception, as the eight-core, 16-thread CPUs have a wholesome 16MB of speedy L3 cache to tap into. Yet teasing out the last morsel of performance means running system memory at higher-than-default speeds. The gains may well be marginal, truth be told, though the small price premium for, say, DDR4-3,200 memory over DDR4-2,666 should be worth it. This is exactly why memory manufacturers have been pushing 3,000MHz-plus kits for the Ryzen CPU, whose supporting platforms are now far more stable than at launch a couple of months ago.

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50% less CPU overhead with DX12 chip... apples to oranges

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XanderZane538d ago

"mediocre improvement in CPU"? LOL!! DX12 is only one of like 12 things that were customized on the Scorpio to help reduce the workload on the CPU and prevent bottleneck issues. Gamingbolt never mentions that for some reason.
I think the majority of the games will be able to run at native 4K, 30fps with hardly any problems.

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OrangePowerz537d ago (Edited 537d ago )

Isn't the Stardock guy the one that talked in the past about how great the X1 will be and how DX12 will make the X1 so much more powerful? I wouldn't take anything serious that this guy is saying no matter if it's positive or negative what he is saying.

NecoTehSergal537d ago

M$ Would be smart if they tried to get a deal with Ryzen and AMD.

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annoyedgamer538d ago (Edited 538d ago )

gamingbolt is mediocre

TankCrossing538d ago

If only. They can't even see what mediocre looks like from the gutter they dwell in.

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AspiringProGenji538d ago

How to Gamingbolt:

Interviews some random dev*
Posts article on N4G*

"Scorpio/PS4 is *Insert comment here*" -
OompaLoompa Dev

timotim538d ago

🤣 that was pretty funny

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XiNatsuDragnel538d ago

Mediocre Lol. Good progress the industry forward

rakentaja538d ago (Edited 538d ago )

MS sayd only because to lower the cost of the system. Price = everything in console business. And second very important point .. maintain compatibility with Xbox One. New CPU means new everything. I was thinking the same way at the beginning but do more research and Evolved Jaguar is actually the best choice for Scorpio and enough to deliver 4K. Everything is thought out, Jaguar is not a compromise. You just do not know much about this. We, the gamers, we want only maximum power and a lower price than the lighter. Not so simple.

JasonKCK538d ago

What's funny is he/she commented without realizing it will still the fastest CPU on console.

343_Guilty_Spark538d ago

Had nothing to do with compatibility. Price decision.

ImGumbyDammit538d ago (Edited 538d ago )

@343_Guilty_Spark Not putting a 4KUHD Blu-Ray in the PS4 Pro is a price decision. This came down to compatibility and market availability. Ryzen is not available for anything console related. Scaling down the APU won't begin until next year. AMD originally said later this year but the CEO confirmed availability next year. At that point it would be considered a pricing decision to use or not use VEGA/REN (see PS5 rumors). A

Edit: I guess you could consider it a pricing decision. However, it as much a pricing decision as putting an i7 and an actual NVidia 1080 in the Scorpio. It is only a pricing decision if was ever really a realistic option to do it in the first place.

4Sh0w538d ago (Edited 538d ago )


Good comment but you're wasting your time, he isn't here to learn or add anything meaningful, he simply trolls Xbox news so it's better to just ignore those types.

Also, while he called the CPU mediocre he still acknowledged it won't hold games on consoles back and that Scorpio will push pc requirements.

343_Guilty_Spark538d ago

Not sure why I was downvoted. What game has ever lost compatibility because of an x86 processor upgrade? Makes no sense. If Xbox One was still using PowerPC then I could see your point.

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XiNatsuDragnel538d ago

I was laughing at the title bro. Obvious clickbait I kinda felt was funny

rando 538d ago (Edited 538d ago )

@ 343_Guilty_Spark: you got downvoted because you're wrong. Microsoft already stated that it was for price AND compatibility reasons. it was very important to them that 100% of Xbox One AND 360 backward compatible games work on Scorpio. so they went with a highly modified Jaguar, they tested it with all the modern engines (like Unreal 4) & made modifications to the Jaguar where they saw fit in order to get rid of all the bottle necks the standard Xbox One had that caused certain games to only reach 720p & 900p (remember how Tomb Raider X1 was 30fps & PS4 was unlocked 60fps... thats also a bottleneck)... now ALL the 1st party games run in native 4K & many of the 3rd party games will also... they stuck with Jaguar because they are going to attempt to hit $399. mark my words.

ShadowKnight537d ago (Edited 537d ago )

They would lose money if they price it at $399. No way they'll make profit at that price. Since its a premium product $499 mark my words.

rando 537d ago

@ ShadowKnight: Sony fans want Scorpio to be $499 so badly because they know Xboxes won't move at that price. they told people "premium" & had Digital Foundry tell people to "expect $500" to set people's expectations high & then they'll undercut everyones expectations for a big E3 reaction. its PR-101. at the end of the day its still a jaguar CPU. a relatively cheap component. if they truly wanted to go "premium" they would've went with Ryzen/Vega but my guess is they wanted to keep the cost down.

freshslicepizza537d ago

@TFxGod6h ago
"ShadowKnight: Sony fans want Scorpio to be $499 so badly because they know Xboxes won't move at that price. they told people "premium" & had Digital Foundry tell people to "expect $500" to set people's expectations high & then they'll undercut everyones expectations for a big E3 reaction. its PR-101. at the end of the day its still a jaguar CPU. a relatively cheap component. if they truly wanted to go "premium" they would've went with Ryzen/Vega but my guess is they wanted to keep the cost down."

The funny thing is he said earlier that $499 is too high for a console (even though over 10 years ago the PS3 was $599) and now thinks there is no way it can be $399. It's obvious he is setting this up so that no matter what it sells at there is no good price, he wants it to fail.

Godzilla73537d ago

I think the issue with those games reaching 1080p on ps4 vs xbox 1 is more about the GPU instead of the CPU. Isn't the cpu in the Xbox 1 the same as the one in the ps4 , but the Xbox 1's cpu is clocked higher. It's the GPU that is about 50% stronger in the ps4 that is causing the parity.

ShadowKnight537d ago (Edited 537d ago )


You keep going back into the past. Since you like to talk about the past and a different era I'll say this when the ps3 was $599 it struggled at that price for a while until they gave it a price drop. Xbox one is already struggling this generation compared to last generation. So how will they make profit at $399 for each Scorpio they sell? They will lose money at that price. It should be $499 if they want to make profit even though I disagree with that price. Don't forget that was my opinion. Do I want the Scorpio to fail I actually think Microsoft already failed this era compared to the Xbox 360 era. Tbh I don't know what Microsoft can do at this point. The best thing they can do is hope that third-party support will be enough for them to make profit and that the Scorpio resolution is not just a marginal increase compared to the ps4pro. If they make Scorpio only exclusives that would affect the Xbox one install base.

freshslicepizza537d ago

Good old Shadowkinght, wanting to keep putting Microsoft in a no win position. You say it should be$499 but earlier said that's too high for a game console. You won't buy it even if it was$299 so why keep wasting your time and everyone else's time.

Scorpio is a premium product it should cost more than the Pro. What you keep failing to grasp is the Xbox One is still there for the more conservative gamer. But that system doesn't interest you either. Amazing how much you invest in a product that you have no desire to support.

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bluefox755538d ago (Edited 538d ago )

It absolutely will hold it back, anyone who has ever tried to put a more powerful GPU in their PC without upgrading the CPU as well knows that bottlenecking is a real issue. It effects some games more than others to be sure, but it will definitely hold it back compared to what it could do with a decent cpu. Though, I think MS should worry more about acquiring some decent games than bottlenecking tbh.

rakentaja538d ago (Edited 538d ago )

What happens if you replace your GTX 1070 with a 1080 GTX, the performance rises? Yes, even if the CPU remains the same... this is exactly what happens with Scorpio. Bottlenecks or not. If you didn't know the Xbox One was more balanced than the PS4. The CPU in PS4 was slower but GPU was massivly was a complete waste but still better overall performance. The processor did not affected.

DrJones537d ago

Faste sure, not 'massively'

slavish0538d ago

As soon as u directly compare pc to console I knew you didn't know what u were talking about 😩

ChickeyCantor537d ago

Thats why they added a co-processor that delegates to the GPU in only a few instructions.
The CPU will be fine actually.

537d ago
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