Are the free Xbox Games With Gold titles for April 2017 any good?

Carlos writes "April is pretty much here and more free games are coming our way. The question is, are the free Xbox One and Xbox 360 Games With Gold titles for April 2017 actually any good?"

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oKidUKo2528d ago

Smart move with Ryse to create possible hype and TWD to bring more attention to season three.

nevarDcirE2528d ago

Also Darksiders to gather interest for Darksiders3 Xbox Play Anywhere exclusive and Assassins Creed Empire marketing rights.

tyasia02528d ago

Why would you assume either of those things?

No Darksiders has been exclusive and on top of that PS4 has double the number of units it would be silly to go even timed exclusive.

And Ubisoft this gen has prioritized PS4 on basically every game that have had any kind of marketing agreement with this gen, why would you think that would change?

freshslicepizza2528d ago

How is Microsoft able to offer big titles but it's main competitor doesn't seem to as much, especially when so many claim the Xbox One has no games?

But I agree, this could be a sign the might be Ryse 2.

XXanderXX2528d ago

Awesome, enjoyed playing them first time look forward to playing them again.

tyasia02528d ago

Well I guess if you have a console with no new games you may as well look forward to playing 4 year old games and games from last gen.

I'll let you know how Persona turns out it's already getting amazing reviews.

Prince_TFK2528d ago (Edited 2528d ago )

...really? Did he say anything bad regarding your Godly PS4? All he said is he is excited to play these games again. Not even a little mention of the word "sony or ps4". I guess you insecured ps4 fanboys never have any class in your life.

XXanderXX2528d ago

That's okay , am okay with it .

tyasia02528d ago

"That's okay , am okay with it ."

You have low expectations, but that's understandable if your willing to accept Microsoft as your console provider.

XXanderXX2528d ago

As for Microsoft being my console provider am cool with them and have no issues . Besides am no fan of Sony . So again am good with my xboxs . You enjoy your platform of choice.

babadivad2510d ago

I've said this before but Sony fanboys are now worse than Apple fanboys. Hard to believe that was ever possible, but here it is.

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thestarboy2528d ago

Wow you Got 12 dislike to Enjoy playing it agine i Will play it agine and when Scorpio Will reales i Will play it agine but in native 4k

Summons752528d ago

Not really. Darksiders was awesome but nothing else is really all that great. AC: Revelations was the worst in the AC2 (unneeded) Trilogy. Ryse was a garbage QTE game with a terrible story and pretty graphics. TWD S2...well it's a TT game, anyone who does enjoy TWD has already played it years ago.

PFFT2528d ago

lol nope Ryse was an amazing overall experience. The heck you smoking?

Kavorklestein2528d ago

Salt. He's been smoking salt.

generic-user-name2528d ago

An amazing overall experience? And you're saying HE'S the one that's smoking?

tyasia02528d ago

The only reason Ryse was popular was because it came out at the start of the gen when there were very few games.

It's a short game with a mediocre story at best.

neil3632528d ago

Ryse was utterly brilliant. Never understand how anyone can hate on it.

2528d ago
neil3632528d ago

@Kryptic - aren't most games though? The vast majority centre around the same old stuff over and over again.

DarthZoolu2528d ago

This is one of the worst month ever seems like they've already given us these games before.

opinionated2528d ago

Haven't played season 2 of twd yet.