Darksiders Is Available As a Bonus Free Game For Xbox Live Gold Subscribers

Darksiders is available as one of the bonus free games for all Xbox Live Gold subscribers even though it is a promotion offered in Argentina only.

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Orchard161d ago (Edited 161d ago )

Works here in the states. You have to do the following:

1. First go login to
2. Then goto
3. When the prompt appears, choose to stay in “Argentina - Spanish”. Make sure your browser URL still contains “es-ar”
4. Click the button that reads something like “Gratis con Xbox Live Gold”


masterfox162d ago (Edited 162d ago )

Darksiders III in steam is 75 % off , it will end in 10 min , go go go! ,

Is a really good game , if you are able to run it 60 fps is even better, really like the Super saiyan modes :D

smashman98161d ago

I still prefer the original but man Darksiders 3 was so good

CrimsonWing69161d ago

Doesn't show up free on the NA store.

Orchard161d ago

Look for my reply to jznrpg above - I shared steps on how to do this in the states.

SmoothC911161d ago

Thanks Orchard! Worked like a charm :)