Microsoft's Mixed Reality Content Is Coming To Project Scorpio In 2018

Microsoft's upgraded Xbox One console, Project Scorpio, will be getting support for mixed reality content in 2018, the company confirmed today.

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Profexxion1564d ago

Interesting. I'm still wondering just how much they want this one device to do.

XXanderXX1563d ago

Enough for people to want one and we all like devices that can multitask.

WickedLester1563d ago

Funny I like devices that play video games.

XXanderXX1563d ago

@WickedLester I left those device back in the late 90s , love these multi tasking new one better .

ShadowKnight1563d ago

Funny the PC can already do that

Lennoxb631563d ago

Well I'm sorry, I'm not paying $500+ for a device that can ONLY play video games. I guarantee you that you won't pay $700-$800 for an iPhone that ONLY makes phone calls.

LexHazard791563d ago

@Shadowknight, really, link me a mix reality headset that does VR and AR on PC. Which is what Xander was getting at.

These headsets will be good I believe. They don't need powerful rigs to run, which is why I believe soon Xbox One gamers will have VR. And no need for alot of extras, like cameras and sensors. Its all built in to the headset, tho not unthetered.

JasonKCK1563d ago

What PC? Make believe doesn't count.

1563d ago
Kingthrash3601563d ago

How much will the headset cost..I wonder.

frostypants1563d ago (Edited 1563d ago )

Why are people arguing? What console in this day and age DOESN'T do more than just games?!

Also, "multitasking" in the computing device world doesn't mean what you guys seem to think it means.

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threefootwang1564d ago (Edited 1564d ago )

"Our plan is to bring mixed reality content to the Xbox One family of devices, including Project Scorpio, in 2018.”

"The mention of “Xbox One family” also suggests the original console might support this content too, which wasn’t stated before. In the past Microsoft has said that Scorpio won’t have exclusive games, and suggested its MR devices won’t need a high-powered PC to run."

Interesting, very interesting. Looks like MS still has a few tricks up its sleeve.

Goldby1564d ago

or maybe their Windows 10 pcs.

The Xbox One can't handle VR games

game4funz1564d ago

Depends on the game. Vr needs high resolution and fps.
Certain games can easily reach that.

TankCrossing1564d ago (Edited 1564d ago )

Mixed reality doesn't have the same rendering demands as virtual reality though, so who knows?

darthv721564d ago

Keep in mind the xb1 and PS4 are similar in design with the ps4 have a few extra horsepower but under the right conditions the xb1 could support vr if they really wanted to.

LexHazard791564d ago (Edited 1564d ago )

And depends on unit. If the unit can do its own processing like Hololens, it can help Xbox One. So its possible. Also I imagine there will be a wireless unit coming too as Spencer has saif several times the head units need to be untethered to be more successful. So I cant wait for more info on them.

I understand now, alot of downplaying and scrambling by a certain group.
Lol...if a Galaxy S can do VR. I think Xbox One can handle it.

TheCommentator1563d ago

Xbox One family is obviously inclusive of the... Xbox One.

If MS is using Hololens to support Mixed Reality, then you must realize that Hololens contains all its' own processors and doesn't need anything else to operate.

Also, Oculus announced at CES that they will be able to provide Rift support, via an update, for PCs that are less capable than XB1. That means it's possible that XB1 will update to support Rift as well.

Gotcha51563d ago (Edited 1563d ago )

You can go buy a $15 VR headset from Walmart and a smartphone w/ gyro and have a low budget VR experience...But with the inside-out tracking on these New VR Devices there should be a way to make it work with older Xbox One & Xbox One S at med or low resolutions. Also it kind of funny that Mix Reality(VR & Hololen features) makes that PS VCR(Virtual Checkerboard Reality) which nobody's talking about seem obsolete.

christocolus1563d ago


Pls tell us more since you seem to know even more than MS.

Goldby1563d ago


Gotta love showing your true colors eh.

The Xbox One on its own cannot handle VR, we've heard that from everyone and anyone yet now its taboo to say it. if they could, they wouldn't have just talked about fallout VR with the Scorpio Video. if it could Phil wouldn't be on record stating they wont just do "demos and experiences"

The Xbox is weaker than thje PS4 and the PS4 can barely do VR on the OG side, there is issues with the trackings, screen drift, controller input. it seems like too much of a hassle for Ms to want to invest time and money into when they can get another company to make VR units for their scorpio.

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but do they have more games?

Kingthrash3601563d ago

That's somehow not important for xbox fans anymore. I could care less about this pass announcement was to counter horizon. ..this is to counter zelda.

donthate1563d ago (Edited 1563d ago )

It has already been confirmed Mixed Reality is coming to XB1 and XB1 S too. See update at the bottom of this article!

Can't wait for the monster though! XD

Kribwalker1564d ago

I'm not into VR but those that are that's good news. They also said "Xbox family" which could meant the original Xbox one as well

freshslicepizza1564d ago

This is interesting, I wonder how they say no exclusives and how that will apply to vr and ar games.

CapitalGamerNZ1564d ago

Maybe the games will release on the XB1 but the VR/AR content won't be accessible.

ShowanW1563d ago

Update: Microsoft has confirmed to Neowin that both the Xbox One and the Xbox One S will receive mixed reality support.

LexHazard791563d ago

Cool read, thanks.

They said phased rollout to developers. I just read another article that said MS gave all developers in audience a free Acer dev kit at GDC.

snoopgg1563d ago

Hey moldy how dedicated will Microsoft be to vr? Will they be pumping out those big name first party exclusives out like you expect Sony to do right now.? I sincerely doubt it.

Chano1563d ago (Edited 1563d ago )

@snoop microsoft didn't create a xboxvr so pumping out vr content won't and shouldn't be priority, if they did create a xboxvr like psvr then yeah microsoft should be pumping out vr games already since launch of the vr if they didn't then why make an xboxvr right? Unless they won't support it much like kinect or vita. Hololens is already useful for things other than gaming as well so it'll have its uses even if there aren't content for it on xbox
Edit: daaamn i just read that it said it was like hololens but better, tf? Lol "microsoft holographic" so it's like psvr? Except holographic? I hope they don't hype it up too much unless it's a game changer. And if it is then they should really really focus on getting games out asap at launch

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Vasto1564d ago

Just makes me look forward to E3 so much more.


XanderZane1563d ago

Yes, me too. This E3 is going to be interesting. Maybe a 2 hour conference from Microsoft this year.

XXanderXX1564d ago

Was waiting for E3 somewhat patiently but now am losing my mind waiting after reading this article. . Come on 6/11/17 . I

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