Microsoft Trademarks a New Gaming Related Logo, Could it Be Scorpio?

Microsoft have trademarked a new gaming related logo that could very well be the logo of the upcoming Project Scorpio.

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AngelicIceDiamond501d ago

Looks like its starting to add up in some form. First MS changes its publishing name now this. I've said few months back MS was doing something with its first party, change wise weather its reconstruction or whatever point is, Phil said current 1st party publishing just isn't working now w're seeing some evidence of change.

CloudStrife900501d ago

It's certainly an interesting time, and an even more interesting process to lead us to here and now. Cancellation of games, closing of studios, rebranding etc.. E3 better be good.

AngelicIceDiamond501d ago

Right, E3 has to be good for MS. So far it seems allot of teams are bringing new Ip's, industry wise there's no complacency in new AAA games leading into E3 MS just needs to get on board that train at this point and show us something new.

UltraNova500d ago (Edited 500d ago )

Could they be about to announce the formation of multiple 1st party studios? Couple that with some promicing new ip announcements and a 400 dollar Scorpio and boom MS will be back in the game again.

6 days and counting...

Or maybe I'm expecting too much from MS...

4Sh0w500d ago

It looks like they're restructuring to me but I wouldn't read much more into it than that. I mean companies do this in the back end all the time for organizational purposes that don't usually mean any noticeable changes for the consumer. I mean the point I'm trying to make is that Microsoft can increase their 1st party output with the same studios they have by increasing staff and funding/focus on 1st party or by restructuring and forming news studios. So what they show at E3 will have little to do with this and more so to do with what they have actually been investing in since last E3.

CloudStrife900501d ago

I couldn't agree more. They seem to be going down this quiet route, (hopefully) holding out on some pretty big surprises. If they're smart, Scorpio will be showcased, dated, and priced swiftly. Then move onto whatever they have up their sleeves. Sony have done brilliantly by snatching up a heap of marketing deals, it almost seems as though MS has next to nothing. Fingers crossed we see more than Sea of Thieves, Crackdown 3, and State of Decay 2. As a consumer, I want to see new reveals, new projects, and some building blocks to sit on this new formula they seem to be leaning on. That's just me though.

500d ago
Chris12500d ago

@cupofjoe - no he didn't, or provide the full quote.

threefootwang500d ago (Edited 500d ago )

Phil has already said multiple times that First Party is there priority, stop spreading lies.

Bigpappy500d ago (Edited 500d ago )

What the name change says to me, is that they intend to move from a collection of studios, to being more of a publisher. So they will fund and help develop more independent studio's ideas if they see potential. This would open the door to working with more Japanese and Chinese studios for example. I don't think they want to outright own the Studio's, but maybe have first shot at good ideas for new IP.
But this article is about a Logo that is an "S" as a trade mark. That could mean anything, buy Scorpio as the name for the monster comes to mind. Many on the web are speculating in that direction.

GrubsterBeater500d ago

"But this article is about a Logo that is an "S" as a trade mark. That could mean anything, buy Scorpio as the name for the monster comes to mind. Many on the web are speculating in that direction."

Microsoft is just finally changing their gaming logo to the '$' symbol.

SpaceRanger500d ago

"First MS changes its publishing name now this. I've said few months back MS was doing something with its first party"

What are you even talking about?? Even MS said that the publishing name change was absolutely nothing.

Sorry to burst your bubble, but none of this has anything to do with MS' first party efforts. Don't get too excited and don't hype up false rumors.

TheCommentator500d ago

Interesting that the Tradeemark is for both videogames and consoles. Makes it a bit more difficult to figure out what it could possibly be in relation to, but piques my interest nonetheless because there has been so much change over the last 12 months leading up to this E3.

E3 can't come soon enough! 😀

1Victor500d ago

I don't like it it look like a broken S and will incite fanboys to say "even the logo is broken" I hope they don't use that

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aaronaton500d ago

A scorpion is a robust and deadly creature, but is a mere flea on Godzilla's back.

ludicrous500d ago

do you know that there were many occasions where an epidemic started from a single flea?

zerocarnage500d ago

a scorpion could still bring down the biggest of creatures with its venomous sting.

Shadyceaser500d ago

Nice quote... But Godzilla is not real.

Eldyraen500d ago

Tell that to the citizens of Japan. He officially gained Citizenship in 2015 actually.

feraldrgn500d ago (Edited 500d ago )

If it's a new logo for the scorpio, it's yet another sign that it's next gen since an incrimental upgrade to this gen would use a similar logo to the current gen.

ElementX500d ago

I think Scorpio will bridge this gen and next. People always disagree with me but I think Scorpio will be the cheaper alternative to a next gen system for people without 4k tvs or that will run the games at 4k with fewer bells and whistles than a higher cost next gen console.

4Sh0w500d ago (Edited 500d ago )

No, just because you slap a pretty new label on and upgraded product doesn't make it next gen, or is a new upgraded version of the same Mustang considered a completely redesigned Mustang just cause they tuned the engine and gave it a logo.

I mean there's really no "standard" for a "mid gen" console, no exact definition but common sense says that given the short timeframe between both AND most importantly with the CPU being simply a more customized, higher clock speed of the vanilla X1 the specs are not enough of an upgrade to call it a traditional "next gen" console....had they used a Ryzen chip and maybe a bit more RAM you probably could make that conclusion.

OmnislashVer36500d ago

Disagree here. Xbox isn't going to screw over their install-base by starting off a new gen this early. Most Xbox casuals wouldn't expect or buy into a new gen, and when they found out they'd feel betrayed. Plus if they cross-gen 90% of their titles what the hell is the point of not making them 100% compatible instead and just turning down some settings.

Unless they want to commit suicide they won't make it nex-gen.

They'll market it like it's nex-gen, they'll give as much of a nex-gen experience as possible WITHOUT making it nex-gen...

feraldrgn499d ago

That's why they're saying they're getting rid of generations, so they can release a platform that would be considered a next gen upgrade, but by not saying whether it's like the PS4 Pro or the next Xbox, they can get away with the PC model.

stefan_771500d ago

Microsoft announced Scorpio as an Xbox One so unless they say otherwise it's current gen

Artemidorus500d ago

No because it's part of the Xbox One family. Inless they change that too.

Might be worth distancing themselves from it

headblackman500d ago

what if their new name is Sega??? MICROSOFT SEGA. i know this isn't so, but it would be good for me and gaming. both companies are my two favorite companies of all time. microsoft can buy sega and just step out of the way and let sega be sega. a lot of gaming hates microsft and so they take it out on the xbox, but everyone still loves sega and their games and will be more open to and receptive to sega leading microsofts games division.

zerocarnage500d ago (Edited 500d ago )

Sega should be brought by ms, sega are pretty much ideas now but one thing I've said all along is they have a vault of games that are amazing. That vault has an endless supply of arcade all the way to Dreamcast games that could easily be made current and next gen and beyond.

Yeah is Microsoft brought sega a d I'm just speculating but if they did, owning a Jap publisher with the best arcade titles and making them into current gen, could be a big move as well as a very big money earner. I certainly would be over the moon if that move took place seeing the lines of streets of rage comics back which I always said sega were dumb for not making more.

you only have to see the list of games they have from arcade n up to know it would be a game changer for ms.

ShadowWolf712500d ago

OR how about they stay independent and keep making good games?

That sounds like a plan.

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