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Far Cry 2 first review: PC Gamer

PC Gamer writes- After playing Far Cry 2, I am simply unable to go back to straight and simple first person shooters. The game has executed my expctations. Would you, could you, go back to homes with similar gunfights as this, but along a more rigid axis? I think your own expectations are going to rise dramatically.
And I really think you should play this game.

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xhi45781d ago

I want to see the console reviews for this game!

JsonHenry5781d ago

This game can't come out fast enough! I am getting the PC version of course, but I am really happy that console only kiddies are getting this game too. I think that console players tend to miss a lot of good games. Hopefully you will get double lucky and they will announce STALKER for consoles sometime soon as well.

Charmers5781d ago

That is very bipartisan JsonHenry, I will give ya positive feedback for that alone. I too don't place much stock in exclusives. I believe people should play the games in the way THEY want to play it. So with that in mind it is great console gamers will get to experience what sounds like a fantastic game.

JsonHenry5781d ago


Thanks much! In the end I still loathe consoles... even though I have owned almost every console since the Atari 2600. The biggest reason I tend to frown on them even though they DO provide a lot of fun is just how limited they are compared to my PC gaming experience. The reason I don't like them (again, even though I own them all) is because it pisses me off that so many people do not know what they are missing. There is a whole level of fun out there that console only people don't even know about and that frustrates the hell out of me.

But there is a light at the end of tunnel. Slowly, with every generation, consoles are becoming more and more like standardized PCs for the masses. More and more features from the PC realm are making their way into console gamers living rooms. And in the end everything that is fun about PC gaming will be available to console gamers. And THAT makes me very happy just knowing it.

vickers5005780d ago

console only kiddies = people who can't afford a thousand dollar pc

Trekster_Gamer5780d ago

Thats such a crap statement. You wait and see sales for consoles will blow away the PC sales and here is why. EACH and EVERY Xbox 360 and PS3 will be able to play this game at a fast framerate and online perfectly, compare that to the millions and millions of PC owners that have a yes a PC but most likely an onboard video card that wont be able to handle this game. Those that do own a PC powerful enough will have the pleasure if a slightly better looking game (online might or might not not be as good) depends on what patch you have had to install along with your 4 gig or more install. PC owners I was primarily a PC gamer since C64 was king, but it is pure STUPIDITY to have to upgrade a pc every year or so just to play a game properly.

Another thing if PC games are just so AWESOME then why in past reviews across the board have Consoles received as good as any many times BETTER reviews of the same game???

pixelsword5780d ago

I use a console as a rightful toy, and my PC for business and to make money. I keep the "kiddy" stuff to a minimum on a PC.

mepsipax5780d ago

uhh no here we go, personally I think the pc is the best place to play a game providing you have enough cash for it to play most games but I love consoles for everything, their interface, their online, take the 360 for example, you can see all what all you're friends are doing when you sign on, easily manage your hardrive (no digging through endless folders looking for an uninstall exe) it's an experience streamlined for games and yes, you can't upgrade them, so yes they hold back limits on games but they also help pcs out in a way too, imagine this, no consoles, the pc is only as limited as you have cash in you're pocket, every ambitious developer wants to make a game that will push the hardware further and further making you shell out cash for and upgrad/new rig every time one of these games comes out, and while this happens now (crysis) it doesn't happen as frequently because of developers making games for the consoles, it also promotes much more efficient games take far cry 2 for example, it was made in mind for consoles that doesn't mean it's dumbed down it was just molded to fit the limits, on the other end you have crysis which was extremely unoptimized so you needed a high end pc to run it, while I"m not saying everyone could run crysis if it was better optimized but that's crytek's problem and why when they make a console games the framerate will be terrible. anyway, I really hope the 360 and PS3 will get a non dumbed down game if it includes all the features promised and mainains an acceptable framerate (anything about 30fps is good) than I will pick it up for the 360 and PC, PC for the best version and 360 for the map editor, online and the fact that I have a big and purdy tv.

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Hooded Vendetta5781d ago

This game will be amazing on all platforms, I hope the reviews keep flying in.

Thanks for the review.

THC CELL5781d ago (Edited 5781d ago )

Edit i know there scans i missed out

i will wait for IGN and game spot Yahoo can P*ss off

slapsta725781d ago

it's reviewed by a magazine called PC GAMER

maybe read the full story next time

Charmers5781d ago (Edited 5781d ago )

I didn't read all the scans, I personally hate reading scans off the net but I was curious about how it performed tech wise and saw this in the review :-

"Some will avoid the game out of worry that their PC won't run it at sufficient detail levels. Don't before the game is out, the developers will release a benchmarking tool that will let you see how the game will look and what framerate you'll get".

I must say that is an absolutely FANTASTIC idea and it's been a long time coming. That alone certainly bumps up the chances of me supporting the developer (although I doubt my quad + 8800gts will have any problem) it is just great to see this kind of innovation into making it as easy as possible for people to check the game out before they spend £40 on a game that might not even work on their machine.

My only worry now is whether they will cripple the game with the same type of DRM that EA are now using. If they do then well I have saved myself £40 and I will leave it on the shelf like I have done with Spore, Bioshock and Mass Effect and will continue to do so till they stop trying to cripple my purchase.

THC CELL5781d ago

this game looks good on pc and as good as pc on ps3

i hear x box is the weakest version

Charmers5781d ago

You are a perfect example of everything that is wrong with some people that visit this site.

THC CELL5781d ago (Edited 5781d ago )

then why are u here

the PS3 version, it's claimed that the aliasing on Sony's machine outperforms that of the 360, while on the PC it's all dependent on the specifications of your machine. The minimum specs for the PC are high, but it's easily one of the benchmark titles for this coming year and, thankfully, holds up well on the 360.

Charmers5781d ago (Edited 5781d ago )

Because I am a PC gamer and this news is relevant to the PC. Thankfully I am not as insecure as you seem to be about your inanimate object. Everyone is going to get a great gaming experience regardless or what platform they play the game on. But then this kind of commonsense is lost on you I guess.

Yeah did you read the bit where they said "we didn't see the PS3 version" ? Hm so how can they make those claims if they didn't see the PS3 version. If you want to get picky then the best version will be the PC version since the PS3 version will only run the game at 1280 x 720. I will be looking to run this game at the max of my monitor res which is 1680 x 1050.

THC CELL5781d ago (Edited 5781d ago )

wait wait wait

DID I SAY I HEAR? Hmm how thick can u be i never said it was official
or True

Get off my back
PC is not a console also most games will be better on pcs
This is a console where talking about
Next u will bring up Spore Vs LBP right

Stay on ya pc

@ below will wait and see then yes
will see who is wrong

same again Gears of war is better on pc
halo is
we can go all day

i will be getting this for the pc and ps3 anyways so shut ya mouth

@ below will wait and see then yes

Charmers5781d ago (Edited 5781d ago )

I would pretty much say you posting something and quoting it shows you are stating it as fact. It is strange you left out the "While we didn't see the PS3 version,", hm I wonder why you didn't quote that eh ? As it stands it only states the aliasing is better, there is more to a game than the aliasing for all you and I know the 360 may trump the PS3 in another area. But hey you don't want that going out with a name like "THC Cell".

Oh and I won't be bringing up Spore V LBP, I personally think Spore is the dullest game ever devised by mankind and I have zero interest in LBP. The point I am trying to make is lay of the fanboyism everyone is going to get an opportunity to play a great game, but obviously that isn't enough for you. Oh no you have to have a little console scrap to make yourself feel a little less insecure.

Shroomy5781d ago

Console Versions look dull compared to the PC, oh wow the PS3 has a few less jaggies? I don't think that's 4xFSAA in the works.

KiddyBrownTurd5780d ago

lol, everyone knows PS3rd can't even do AA.

and everyone knows the 360 is a more PC friendly development environment. if any of the two console versions is best, it's 360, duh.

don't get confused with some n00b website rooting for the underdog to get more hits. we all know the truth.

theEnemy5780d ago

And everyone knows that you're a retard.

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