Here's how long it takes to beat 'Horizon Zero Dawn'

Everybody figured Horizon Zero Dawn would be a pretty enormous game, but now that the coverage embargo has lifted and critics have weighed in, here's how long Horizon: Zero Dawn will take.

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Community2642d ago
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Darkfist_Flames2642d ago

great that will take me like 2/3 weeks to beat.

toddybad2642d ago

Are you after some sort of medal?

luckytrouble2642d ago

Ditto. With how I play games anymore, 30 - 50 hours will be either two focused weeks or around three spread out weeks.

_-EDMIX-_2642d ago

Lol agreed.

I would be happy if by the ending of the month I completed Horizon.

DigitalRaptor2640d ago


With my schedule and other games coming out I really want to play, I've not enough time to spend 100 hours with just one game. I've read Horizon is paced extremely well (including the story), and doesn't have the unecessary padding that someone open-world games suffer from.

Psychotica2642d ago

It will take me quite a while to finish it. I am in no hurry and plan to do a lot of exploring and just starting shit with the various enemies..

ClayRules20122642d ago

Same here. I also plan on spending hours using Photo Mode. I took about 400 photos in about an hours times, maybe a little longer, with Uncharted 4's Photo Mode. Addicted to it. Lol.

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Sony Has Added More Titles To The List of Games Leaving PS Plus In May 2024

Sony Interactive Entertainment has added a few more titles to the list of games that will be leaving PS Plus in May, 2024.

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Community13d ago
darthv7213d ago

curious... if a game leaves PS+, does it make it unplayable if you have already claimed it before it leaves? I know on the XB side, games leaving Gamepass are no longer playable. You need to pay for them to be able to continue playing after you installed them from GP.

CrimsonWing6913d ago

The 3 monthly “free” games you keep as long as you have PS+ subscription. The PS+ library is like Netflix. They rotate stuff out and replace them with other titles.

MrNinosan13d ago

Yes, PS+ Extra/Premium games are unplayable after the leave the service, just like GamePass and Netflix.
PS+ Essentials games are available as long as you have an active PS+ account.

Profchaos12d ago

Monthly games, special promos like the free games during COVID or PS plus bundle on ps5 are forever yours. Premium and above are time limited

If you claim a game on the premium tier (not yours to keep) and it comes out as a monthly games later e.g. fallout 76 it appears you do not retain ownership on that one.

Notsofast12d ago

The 3-4 monthly games that are free that are part of every service are yours forever I canceled my service over a year and you never lose access. I dont know what these other comments are talking about maybe they are in a different country but in the USA I could play any game I claimed of the free monthly games

MrNinosan12d ago

Then one of the accounts on your PS5 probably has a PS+ Essential subscription.
Because the 3-4 PS+ games you get every month, is not available to be played if you don't have an active sunscription.
It's the same in US, Europe, Japan and everywhere else.

Petebloodyonion12d ago

Essential stays in your library
Extra and premium become locked when titles leave the service.

It's actually one of my gripes with Extra, you can't remove the title from your own library, so basically it countss as one your title but it's locked so you own library become a cluster F... unless you filter your titles.

MrNinosan12d ago

Well you can just chose to hide them.

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-Foxtrot13d ago

Wonder if Horizon ZD leaving gives credit to those remake rumours

Sigh. If true…another remake that’s not Bloodborne.

SimpleDad13d ago

Probably yes cause of a remake.