Here's how long it takes to beat 'Horizon Zero Dawn'

Everybody figured Horizon Zero Dawn would be a pretty enormous game, but now that the coverage embargo has lifted and critics have weighed in, here's how long Horizon: Zero Dawn will take.

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Darkfist_Flames2614d ago

great that will take me like 2/3 weeks to beat.

toddybad2613d ago

Are you after some sort of medal?

luckytrouble2613d ago

Ditto. With how I play games anymore, 30 - 50 hours will be either two focused weeks or around three spread out weeks.

_-EDMIX-_2613d ago

Lol agreed.

I would be happy if by the ending of the month I completed Horizon.

DigitalRaptor2611d ago


With my schedule and other games coming out I really want to play, I've not enough time to spend 100 hours with just one game. I've read Horizon is paced extremely well (including the story), and doesn't have the unecessary padding that someone open-world games suffer from.

Psychotica2614d ago

It will take me quite a while to finish it. I am in no hurry and plan to do a lot of exploring and just starting shit with the various enemies..

ClayRules20122614d ago

Same here. I also plan on spending hours using Photo Mode. I took about 400 photos in about an hours times, maybe a little longer, with Uncharted 4's Photo Mode. Addicted to it. Lol.

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DF Weekly: Do we actually need The Last of Us Part 2 and Horizon Zero Dawn remasters?

With the details we now have in terms of features and pricing, I don't think there are any significant concerns remaining - just that perhaps that the term 'remastered' in the title is a little misplaced. Essentially, what we're dealing with here is broadly equivalent to a release along the lines of Death Stranding: Director's Cut. It's the original game with a dash of extra content and additional visual modes that tap into the power of PlayStation 5.

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-Foxtrot143d ago

Bloodborne, Infamous, Killzone, Resistance, Puppeteer, Jak and Daxter etc are all better choices

Even a full on remake of Drakes Fortune I’d take

PrinceOfAnger143d ago

killzone 2/3 definitely a better choice, i have recently finished the games on pc and thought about that, a full remake like demon souls is even better

darthv72142d ago

2&3 are still fine... I'd take the first one as a full remake before the others. They could flesh out more of the backstory that the sequels touch on. Even go deeper into the lore of Helgan.

specialguest142d ago

KZ 2/3 would be amazing. KZ 2 was a graphical masterpiece back then. With today's modern tech, all of those tricks Guerilla Games did to create the effects like the lighting, storm effects, etc, they could now be done in real-time and more realistic

Cacabunga141d ago

Killzone 2-3
Golden Abyss remake
Infamous 2

RaidenBlack142d ago

Uncharted 1 still got a decent remaster for 8th gen ... a remake is not that much of a requirement ...
instead remake candidates should be from 5th or 6th gen
and as for proper remasters (not just lazy res upscale): Killzone 2 & 3 obviously and also Resistance/inFamous (as well as MGS4 :P)

-Foxtrot142d ago

My point with the list is that I’d rather see those titles than what we are getting…titles which are only 3-5 years old and still hold up today

CrashMania142d ago

Sony own the Demons Souls and Bloodborne IP, I wish they'd do something with Bloodborne at the very least.

vfl523142d ago

The way you worded that makes me think you don't realize they already remade demon souls

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GamingSinceForever142d ago

Not one of those will sell more copies than TLOU2 Remaster. The sooner we realize that these gaming sites and their followers are less than 1% of the buying public the better off we’ll be.

Sure we prefer newer titles but this is business and a business is what Sony is running.

JackBNimble142d ago

Don't you think they could be doing something better with their time and money, like maybe making something new? Or have they become lazy and just reliving the past with the same old games over and over.

Gez ... do something fresh and new already .

notachance142d ago

I'd rather for them to go Square Enix route and remake/remaster their PS1 libraries instead of these unnecessary remaster

come on, legend of dragoon..