Mega List of Things to Do in Fable 2

Kris Erickson writes:

"Like the other sandbox-style adventure coming to the 360 this fall, Saints Row 2, there are a heck of a lot of activities available to gamers in the follow up to Fable. The first Fable game won accolades from players and critics alike for its seemingly endless amount of gameplay options."

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clinker4073d ago

Holy crap there are alot of things to do in this game!

Perjoss4073d ago

YEAH, i really liked the sound of these ones:

Adjust the loudness, tone and duration of farts
Become the mayor of a town
Permanently change the game landscape over the course of your life
Cause your dog to get fat by feeding it
Be memorialized as a statue
Figure out how to earn money, because enemies won’t drop it

1st day purchase!

bouncybullet4073d ago

Fable 2, Fallout 3, and Far Cry 2 are the Top games to play this year.

Gears and Resistance can wait.