Vote for Time Splitters 4 - Free Radical Design is giving gamers a chance to vote on the future of one of its biggest IP's Time Splitters.

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REPLOID243779d ago

lingers, the 360 fanboys can have it:p

Lord Shuhei Yoshida3779d ago

The Playstation 3 shall be the system holding Timesplitters 4 thanks to its superior graphics engine and format.The 360 version will get....Flop Human 2.

snakeater33779d ago (Edited 3779d ago )

i think you mean whiners ....the only winner i see playstation 3! in japan.....and in the us! LMAO
if a one year headstart, bigger library and cheaper hardware wont win you this gen...what will ? lol ...the present and future are bright for ps3 owners and bleak for xbots

3779d ago
3779d ago
Voiceofreason3779d ago

LOL yeah the Wii is sold right beside the PS3 and 360 and competes for game space but the Wii some how isnt a competition to Sony fans.. Pathetic losers looking for any reason even if they have to make it up to justify their over priced PS3 purchase.PS3 is in LAST place. If you consider winning to be last place you are far dumber than I thought. Probably have to have your mommy type that out for you after she changes your depends... I mean you being an moron use an excuse that could also be said about PS3, sadly you just dont have the ability to comprehend it. If I want to play Football I'll go play football why do I need Madden for PS3? It's sad that in your ignorance and rush you use such a piss poor excuse it makes your own console look bad. It was bad enough that Sony came out and told the whole world its fan base is full of complete morons, but that doesnt mean you have to go out and prove them right.

paracardium3779d ago

Americans were smart consumers to buy the 360.

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