Vote for Time Splitters 4

dailygamesnews.com - Free Radical Design is giving gamers a chance to vote on the future of one of its biggest IP's Time Splitters.

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REPLOID245780d ago

lingers, the 360 fanboys can have it:p

Lord Shuhei Yoshida5780d ago

The Playstation 3 shall be the system holding Timesplitters 4 thanks to its superior graphics engine and format.The 360 version will get....Flop Human 2.

snakeater35780d ago (Edited 5780d ago )

i think you mean whiners ....the only winner i see .....is playstation 3! in europe....in japan.....and in the us! LMAO
if a one year headstart, bigger library and cheaper hardware wont win you this gen...what will ? lol ...the present and future are bright for ps3 owners and bleak for xbots

5780d ago
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Voiceofreason5780d ago

LOL yeah the Wii is sold right beside the PS3 and 360 and competes for game space but the Wii some how isnt a competition to Sony fans.. Pathetic losers looking for any reason even if they have to make it up to justify their over priced PS3 purchase.PS3 is in LAST place. If you consider winning to be last place you are far dumber than I thought. Probably have to have your mommy type that out for you after she changes your depends... I mean you being an moron use an excuse that could also be said about PS3, sadly you just dont have the ability to comprehend it. If I want to play Football I'll go play football why do I need Madden for PS3? It's sad that in your ignorance and rush you use such a piss poor excuse it makes your own console look bad. It was bad enough that Sony came out and told the whole world its fan base is full of complete morons, but that doesnt mean you have to go out and prove them right.

paracardium5780d ago

Americans were smart consumers to buy the 360.

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TimeSplitters 4 prototype found on eBay and gameplay may emerge soon

Somehow a PlayStation prototype of TimeSplitters 4 has been unearthed on eBay, and many are waiting for the package to meet its new owner.

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XiNatsuDragnel135d ago

Excited to see these prototypes out there and I hope the internet can play them.

aaronaton135d ago

From the leaked screenshots, it looks better than the recent cancelled Timesplitters game imo.


Dead Games We Want Back

Many high-profile games have been canceled. Here are the ones that should come back in some way, shape, or form.

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isarai1926d ago

Necessary Force

Gimme those and ill be happy forever

UltraNova1924d ago

Now that is one MP game I miss. Bring it on, provided its not messed up with predatory MTs.

KillZallthebeast1924d ago

I loved mag until they patched it so much it was unrecognizable a year later. They gave into people whining.

Kornholic1924d ago

I don't remember them patching it like that. What happened?

KillZallthebeast1924d ago

eventually even prone light machine guns couldn't shoot straight even if you tap the trigger, and assult rifles became basically the only relevant weapon. It's been so long though I don't remember all the details, but it was beyond just that. I still fondly remember it though. Get a squad of 12 friends and you could turn and entire 256 match alone

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Sciurus_vulgaris1924d ago (Edited 1924d ago )

Some of these games were never played by or released to the public....how do we know they were ever actually good?

Christopher1924d ago

People let their imaginations go and filled in the holes.

anonymousfan1924d ago

I have no clue if scalebound would have been any good... But the game was marketed well enough that I wish it hadn't been cancelled :/ To be fair loads of games that were good and sometimes great were "brought back" and were total disasters (Duke Nukem comes to mind for example).

Godmars2901924d ago (Edited 1924d ago )

By all counts the Scalebound shown at E3s was not what the actual game in development looked like. If such is true, or if the four player co-op thing, then its stronger reason why they canceled it. Why it was so long development before it was.

nitus101924d ago

Having looked at the trailer for Scalebound I was appaled by the cringe-worthy voice acting although from the very limited time watching the battle scenes the game IMHO had potential.

ILostMyMind1924d ago (Edited 1924d ago )

Actually, the trailers were really boring and the demo of the gameplay was crap in performance. The desire for a good game has created a hype campaign in this game.