The Conduit's Developers want your ideas.

High Voltage Software has given a press release that details a controller mapping contest for their upcoming First Person Shooter game, The Conduit. The contest is open to anyone. Entrants make use of a list of features given by the company and submit the Wii Remote control configuration that they feel works best. Winners of the contest will be given appropriate recognition in the game's end credits.

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ape0073685d ago

the game looks awesome

it reminds me of turok 2

my idea is to add an awesome weapon like CEREBRAL BORE

condorstrike3685d ago

or a High Voltage well with the company name.

chanmasta3685d ago

... great idea condorstrike! I'm liking it!

And great control scheme idea from High Voltage.

TruthbeTold3685d ago

A nice tactic to try and get a feel for how many pure underground core gamers are excited about this game. It has a nice little reward, so I have no complaints.

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TrevorPhillips3685d ago

well the game should have more weapons, and badass bosses and try to use full advantage power of the wii if they can for the game :)

TruthbeTold3685d ago

That's the basic idea behind this game.

TheColbertinator3685d ago

The developers are imcredibly dedicated and I am optimistic for the final product.

TruthbeTold3685d ago

There's not a game out there right now that my hopes are higher for.

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