Tekken 7 Download Size Revealed; It's Unexpected

The listing for Tekken 7 has just gone up on the PlayStation Store, revealing some pertinent information regarding how large the game will be to download to your PlayStation 4.

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fluffydelusions2690d ago

Why is that unexpected? ~45gb is fairly standard this gen

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PapaBop2689d ago (Edited 2689d ago )

45gb for a fighting game though is a HUGE amount, the only game around that size is Mortal Kombat X and that was packed with content. In comparison, most fighting games are roughly 15-20gb so for Tekken to be this huge is highly encouraging.

Silly gameAr2689d ago

Mortal Kombat weights is at around 45/47 gigs.

andrewsquall2689d ago

Aren't the cutscenes in the story mode of Mortal Kombat games prerendered video files that mask the loading times to the next fight? That is what takes up all the space on those games and if MK X was the same then the videos were probably 1080p because when you have bluray, why not target that now.

DarXyde2689d ago

I had a chance to play it at NYCC back in October. I can't speak much for what's included, but it was definitely a blast. As someone who's been playing Tekken since the mid 90s, I don't think you'll be disappointed. Loved my brief moments with it.

theshredded2689d ago

45 GB is insane and unprecedented for a fighting game! Now this is a genuine next gen fighting game!

PapaBop2689d ago (Edited 2689d ago )

I bet your disagree is from a Capcom employee

PapaBop2689d ago

Clickbait headline much? The game isn't even out for over four months, that download size is an estimate at best.

theshredded2689d ago

Damn, there goes any hope of going digital. Looks like we have a real story and a meaty game.

WeAreLegion2689d ago

Firmware 4.50 allows external hard drives up to 8 TB! I'm in the beta and it's fantastic. Finally downloaded all my digital stuff.

Tototot2689d ago

Can it read ntfs format?

WeAreLegion2689d ago

It reformats HDDs to a proprietary format.

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MrFisher212689d ago

I ordered a 6TB External HDD once the 4.50 beta hit. Add that to the 2tb internal HDD. I own 291 digital games. Now I can finally download them all. I think. :/

ExplodingJuice2689d ago

I am in the beta as well. Having 8TB for all of your games is freaking awesome isn't it? There is nothing installed on my PS4 Pro. THe only thing on it are screenshots and save files. Its is awesome.

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sadsatan2689d ago

i wish there was a new virtua fighter

SinkingSage2689d ago

I want Virtua Fighter VI right now.

sadsatan2689d ago

thanks sage! who is your main? i love pai

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