How to Stop Your Girlfriend from Gaming

Curb your girlfriend's five-hour Zelda binges and reclaim your console with this most excellent (and unproven) guide.

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Maddens Raiders3686d ago

however there's only one *sure fire way to get her mind off the console and this is nsfw.

LinuxGuru3685d ago


Rock out with your c*ck out, and that'll put an end to pretty much anything she's doing LOL

Flopbox3685d ago

Show her a 360,she'll stop gaming and dump you

NegativeCreep4273685d ago

Bang her until she is so tired she won't even have the energy to stop and check her mascara in the morning. TL4Life!

Stryfeno23685d ago

Buy a PS3...How could she game on a console that have no games? Problem solved.

NegativeCreep4273685d ago (Edited 3685d ago )

Fanboys like you will never get laid if you keep up that kind of attitude. Oh and BTW, F*cking a plastic, blow-up doll or you're hand isn't the same as getting laid.

-_-3685d ago

[[after the RROD she'll definitely dump you,no woman wants trash]]

Tacki3685d ago (Edited 3685d ago )

How to Piss Off Your Girlfriend

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The story is too old to be commented.