Stellar Blade and Helldivers 2 , How Badly PlayStation Is Fumbling Its Dominance

Helldivers 2 and Stellar Blade have been at the top of the news cycle lately. And no, it's not for good things this time around.

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TwoPicklesGood37d ago

Mistakes are ok as long as they learn from them. Sure they shouldn’t have happened like this but no company is perfect.

Hugodastrevas37d ago

I'm willing to forgive and forget... After they fix Stellar Blade

outsider162436d ago

What's wrong with Stellar Blade?

Hugodastrevas35d ago

@outsider1624 besides some censored outfits, gore and graffiti after they promised there would be no censorship anywhere, not much.

MrBaskerville35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

Sony can't do much about decisions Shift Up made.

Hugodastrevas35d ago

@MrBaskerville you expect me to believe the devs launched a game with suits one way while promising they would be uncensored in all regions and then censor it in the day 1 patch and Sony the company famous of pulling stunts like these had nothing to do with it? Come on man, be real.

MrBaskerville35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

If they themselves made these miniscule changes because they prefered it that way, then why should they change it back? It being censorship doesn't make any sense considering every other fucking costume and game out there. But people refuse to use their brain because everything has to be a battle.

Just admit it, this whole retarded thing only happened because the game journalists didn't dunk on the game. Gotta keep the angee flowing, so let's complain about some other stupid thing

God, I wish this energy could be used for something that wasn't idiotic for once.

Hugodastrevas35d ago

@MrBaskerville censorship is censorship, they promised no censorship in all regions, the only uncensored version is the Japanese one.
It has nothing to do with the amount of censorship, we just want the product as advertised and sold, that's all.

shinoff218335d ago

The censorship the devs were speaking of is probably not the same censorship yall been overreacting to.

1 out of 2 ain't bad.

Also did the devs really say this. Did they say it in English could something not have been translated right. Was it Sony or the devs? That it's a question how can you blame one 100 percent.

VariantAEC28d ago

From Game About:
Kr: "- 앞서 창작의 자유에 대해 언급했는데, 그에 따라 이번 작품에서 표현하지 못했거나 그려내지 못한 것이 있나?

김형태 대표: 창작의 굴레가 최소화되는 것이 굉장히 중요하다고 생각했다. 어느 나라든 심의라는 것이 존재하는데, 심의로 철저하게 플레이할 수 있는 연령대를 구별하는 건 긍정적이라고 생각한다. 하지만 최근에는 성인 등급은 성인이 플레이하는 것을 전제로 해야 하는데 청소년 플레이를 전제로 심의하는 경향이 있다. 이런 부분에 대해서 제대로 적용되는 것이 중요한 것이지 내용은 어느 정도 스스로 리미트를 걸지 않도록 자유를 주는 게 좋지 않을까 생각했다."

En: - I mentioned freedom of creation earlier, so is there anything you haven't expressed or drawn in this work?

CEO Kim Hyung-tae: I thought it was very important to minimize the limits of creativity. There is deliberation in any country, and I think it is positive to distinguish the age group that can play certain games. However, in recent years, adult ratings should be based on the premise that adults play, but adults tend to allow on children to play. It is important to apply this properly, and I thought it would be better to give freedom not to restrict content to some extent.

I've been active online on YT in saying that Korea is different, but this guy just wanted more people to play the game. Basically it has an M-rating for non-sexual themes and loads of violence.

Later in the interview...
Kr: "- 데이원 패치를 통해 검열 이슈가 된 의상이 있다. 의도한 사항인가?

김형태 대표: 데이원 패치 이후가 최종 결과물이다. 최종적으로 유저들에게 전달하기 위해 조절한 결과물이 데이원 패치, 혹은 그 직전에 들어가 있다. 의상도 무조건 야하다고 좋은 것은 아니라고 생각하기도 하고 퀄리티를 위해 수정한 부분이다. 그로 인해 에로티시즘이 덜어지거나 강조되는 부분도 있다. 의도된 결과로 보여주고 싶은 최종 프로덕트이다."

- There is a costume that has become a censorship issue through the Day One patch. Is it intended?

CEO Kim Hyung-tae: After the Day One patch, this is the final result. The result meant to be delivered to users is included in the Dayone patch. I think that it's not good to be sexy unconditionally, and it's was revised for quality. As a result, eroticism was reduced or emphasized. It is the final product that I want to show with the intended result.

Kim Hyung-tae says this is the intended result, not censorship he explicitly says sexuality for sexualities sake is basically not healthy, this is part of Korean culture. As I said Korea is more conservative and that's ok.

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isarai36d ago

Problem is we have not seen any signs of them learning anything. Censorship still out of hand, GAAS push is still delaying everything, still leaning on sweet baby inc and their lazy writing. We'll have to wait till Jim Ryans replacement is found and see what their plan is, cause all we have is the temp guy for now

Extermin8or3_35d ago

There was no fucking censorship. Censorship would have been changing all the outfits. The Devs have Ben clear that a version of the outfit that was not the final version was on 1.00 of the game by mistake and the pre launch patch corrected that, that one skin then covered up slightly more of the main character. Plenty more revealing costumes are there untouched.

CrimsonWing6935d ago

Hey, tell @Extermi8or3_ you’re the Queen of England. He’ll believe it because you said so regardless of what we see and know.

lucian22935d ago


you live under a rock, the game was censored, blood was toned down and plenty of outfits have cheap patch jobs that look bad because of the rushed last minute censoring, such as clothing being painted on skin rather than an actual texture, when the original didnt have it.

Please actually at least play the game yourself or do research

Hugodastrevas35d ago

@Extermin9or3 censorship is censorship, it doesn't matter if it's one outfit or all of them.
If it's so small as you say they should have no problem restoring it to normal.

isarai35d ago


You do know they've censored plenty of other games, im not even referring to just SB other games like DMCV, LISA, and Doki Doki literature club among dozens of others are also censored only on PS5. They even admitted to censoring by offering a refund, wouldn't need to do that if nothing was changed. Several outfits were changed, and gore was reduced, you can literally prove it yourself by playing it unpatched

MrBaskerville35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

Out of hand?!!! They added 1 mm of fabric. There's bouncy tits and ass cheeks all over the game. There's a skin suit. but they went too far with this extremely minor change, that original costume was too saucy for sony, though they apparently didn't give a shit about the rest. Not to mention nudity in other games. But censorship is rampant, yeah right.

And then there's the blood. Game i super gory, but apparently also censored? If the devs make a change before release, it's censoship.

Sony censored wall running in Cyberpunk. There's a subject for you

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vTuro2435d ago

Sure they'll learn from it. They'll learn that the way they went about their censorship and forcing a psn account down everyone's throat was bad so they'll do it differently next time so people won't immediately notice and roast them to hell and back for it. Stop defending these dumbass corpos, they're not your friend.

TreMillz35d ago

I can't believe yall really made because you can't see a virtual vagina..... The blood and gore OK I get that, but cmon now

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MrDead37d ago (Edited 37d ago )

Stellar Blade complaints is just a bunch of incels following whoever tells them to be outraged, I have never been so embarrassed to be a gamer than when the Stellar Blade bs broke. Pathetic divorced Dads and incels losing their minds over a small bit of pixilated cloth over the cleavage of a couple of outfits in a sea of of outfits that show you everything.

Tacoboto36d ago

The outfit I'm wearing in that game is far more revealing than what they "censored".

Unstable fanboys making a victim of themselves for not having the slightest clue what "censored" actually means.

Helldivers 2 controversy - justified. Anger at the MS news today - justified.

Stellar Blade's 10th most revealing outfit getting a bit more cloth - what kind of loser do you have to be to throw a hissy fit over that?

derek36d ago

@taco, stellar blade "censorship " is the perfect example of the tendency these days by some gamers to use trivial issues to create fake outrage campaigns.

Demetrius36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

Grown men simping over a fictional character lmao just imagined wtf they're doing with the money they make in real life probably onlyfan subscriptions and more, most guys love being slave to women& their bodies lmao

Eonjay35d ago

Thank you guys for talking sense. The stellar blade thing was all about making yourself into the victim. They don't even realize that it's emasculation to claim harm when their is none. A man doesn't loose it over tiny pieces of cloth on a digital avatar. A man doesn't feel harmed if potential racist comments are removed. A man can accept the decision of others even if it contridicts his own. They aren't men. They are empty shells the internet and scam artists have tricked into victimizing themselves.

shinoff218335d ago

Exactly. This is fake outrage, seemingly to bring their politics into this.

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-Foxtrot36d ago

Regardless how you feel on it at it's core they said something was going to be uncensored, people bought it, they found out they censored stuff and they were p***** off.

Maybe be up front with people or how about with Sony's weird censorship rules maybe lay up on it. We can get Abby in TLOU2 being raw dogged by a drunken Owen but some clothing is suddenly bad? It's cherry picking sometimes.

Even an physical art book for a game Tsukihime was censored on PS4 (yet the game was not)


Tacoboto36d ago

I'm gonna take the word of the director over the word of lonely bitter losers crying about digital cleavage.

Again. If you play the game instead of posturing and whining about it, you too can enjoy far more risque outfits than the stupid bunny outfit you're having a tizzy over.