Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance 3DS vs PS4 Graphics Comparison

Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance HD is a part of Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue compilation released few days ago for PlayStation 4. Let’s compare its brand new HD version with 3DS original and see how much the game graphics have been improved.

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ultimize719d ago

Poor 3DS
Super lower resolution graphic!

PlayableGamez-719d ago

The 3DS actually is really good for what it is. The low-res is fine because the screen isn't that big on the 3DS anyways.

Warshade719d ago

I am finally going to DDD. I just picked this up. I did once try and play the 3ds version years ago but I honestly do not find it comfortable to game on.

719d ago
kevnb719d ago

keep in mind how small the 3ds screen is.

luckytrouble719d ago

It isn't just the size of the screen. It's a 240p screen supported by hardware that was already kind of weak when the 3DS launched. It got good support as a Nintendo handheld, but it has never been the place to go for even remotely graphically impressive games.

kevnb719d ago

No, but on a smaller screen it won't look as bad.

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The story is too old to be commented.