The Kingdom Hearts Series Is Coming To PC Next Month

Epic Games Store revealed that the Kingdom Hearts series will launch on PC on March 30, 2021.

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Tech5775d ago

finally! been waiting to play this series for a long time.
next month is going to be awesome!

Doge775d ago

Lmfao eff those prices

cartoonx1774d ago

yea and its sad its epic only, i like purchases on steam because of regional pricing. this price is too much for my region.

wwinterj774d ago

Kingdom Hearts games drop in price quick.

ocelot07775d ago

Expensive I swear you can get the whole collection on PS4 for like £25??

This is good news but no doubt people will have a moan it's not on steam.

phoenixwing774d ago

I prefer steam but I buy on epic if it comes down to it. However I don't like this game series. Rather play ff.

cartoonx1774d ago

personally i like my games on steam solely because of regional pricing. it cost 100$+ for an old game and with no regional pricing.

Viking_mo774d ago

You can. Its even cheaper cause lf the sale going on now on psn

Rachel_Alucard774d ago

Man you gotta love paying $170 + tax with no regional pricing whatsoever. I think it's $210 in Australia.