Is Yakuza 0 a GTA Killer?

There's been a lot of buzz about Yakuza in the West as of late, and for good reason. This series of beat-em-up adventures depicts the dramatic life of Kazuma Kiryu, an influential member of the Japanese yakuza, who dips his toes in and out of the organization over the course of several decades. It has been critically well-received since the first game in the series released on the PlayStation 2 back in 2006, and though five main Yakuza titles have been localized to date, it has been somewhat commercially unsuccessful in English-speaking territories.

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cl19832705d ago
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Community2705d ago
LordMaim2705d ago

I love Yakuza. I've played all of them. A lot. But no, it isn't the same kind of game as GTA.

It *IS* however a Shenmue killer.

FallenAngel19842707d ago

Seriously? The entire series hasn't even sold pass 10 million since 2005 and you're really asking that?

BG115792705d ago

Well, you should have played japanese version's. Each time a port came to the US and Europe, the game got chunks cut out. Mostly a lot of mini-games that made the salt of this series.
It's probably not as large as GTA, it's not even the same genre of game. It's more like an action rpg were you are a Yakuza...

tyasia02705d ago (Edited 2705d ago )

That's not true, the only game in the series that had any major cuts was Yakuza 3. 4,5 and Dead Souls were virtually uncut. I think in 4 there was one Japanese history trivia mini game they removed but that was it.

_-EDMIX-_2705d ago

Yes as a fan of the series I'm not entirely sure that's true and somebody already mentioned it before me but Yakuza 3 I believe was the only game that have that issue.

Why o why2705d ago

It doesn't need to be. 2 different lanes on the same motorway

LordMaim2705d ago

tyasia0: Dead Souls could have used a few more cuts. Like... like the whole thing. Just cut it.

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Apocalypze2705d ago

Sales do not represent how good a game is by the way.... Cough cough ..DESTINY

SirBradders2705d ago

Destiny is a brilliant game sunk 100's of hours in that bad boy.

LordMaim2705d ago

@SirBradders: it was a solid FPS, and a very pretty treadmill.

isarai2707d ago

Please don't, just don't. I LOVE the yakuza series but they couldn'e be any more different. That's like comparing Shenmue to Saints Row

2705d ago
Kyosuke_Sanada2705d ago

What are you talking about?! They both have humans, they both have walking. They are perfect rivals.

DragonDDark2705d ago

Cause I think some people didn't get it: /s

2705d ago
souljah452704d ago

Perfect rivals? hmm ok like WWE2K16 and UFC? humans in a ring? same thing i suppose

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_-EDMIX-_2705d ago

Lol agreed.

Yakuza is definitely a Shenmue spiritual successor.

I have no clue why people continuously keep trying to compare it to GTA.

BlakHavoc2706d ago

No lol. I'm excited to play it but no way does anything get in GTAs way when it releases. Those games sell 50+ million when they drop, no way anything is stopping that.

SaveFerris2706d ago

The Yakuza series has better looking female NPCs (the hostesses).

Yohshida2704d ago

Because that matters the most, right?

psplova2695d ago

The PLATINUM hostesses, maybe.. lol