SEGA Is Dropping the 'Yakuza' Name from Now On

In case it wasn't already clear from the fresh announcements of Like a Dragon: Ishin!, Like a Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Erased His Name, and Like a Dragon 8, SEGA is dropping the 'Yakuza' name from its long running franchise.

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P_Bomb80d ago

Yakuza: Like a Dragon now makes more sense as a passing of the torch from one name to the other. Just don’t bring Kiryu out of retirement too much. Let the new guys carry the ball. Judgment was good too.

TheTony31680d ago

It's not really a new name. They're just using the japanese name.

Aussieguy80d ago

I love Kiryu, I reckon he is one of the best Yakuza characters and the reason I enjoyed those games so much.

P_Bomb80d ago

Oh Kiryu is fantastic! That’s why I don’t want them to cheapen his walk into the horizon in Yakuza 6. He got a nice lil’ ending. Don’t Ric Flair him by putting him in X more “final matches” across Y more years. If that makes sense.

autobotdan80d ago

Sega is part of the Yakuza

Mobis-New-Nest80d ago

Actually the Yakuza is Sega and their main goal is the put nano black Helicopters into our central nervous system so that the Reptilian Shap-shifters can finally achieve their global dominance over man kind, this mean their New World Order will be complete but there will be no William Blaskovich aka Terror Billy to save us. God. Help. Us. All.

Profchaos80d ago

Anything to get us to buy sonic frontiers

TheColbertinator80d ago

The worst thing about Sega's New World Order is that they still won't bring back Skies of Arcadia

jznrpg80d ago

Is that my mother in law ?? She tells me shit like this

MWH80d ago

That's absurdly racist, there should be white helicopters too.

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autobotdan80d ago

Where is Space Harrier 3? Phantasy Star V please

darthv7280d ago

Well that explains things.

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The story is too old to be commented.