The Last Guardian on PlayStation 4 Sells an Estimated 484K Units First Week at Retail

The action-adventure video game from Sony Interactive Entertainment - The Last Guardian - sold 484,267 units first week at retail, according to our estimates. First week sales can be viewed on the VGChartz Global Weekly Chart for the week ending December 10.

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Septic638d ago

It's a niche game. Still, 10 years in development but I think the figures aren't that bad at all.

gangsta_red638d ago (Edited 638d ago )

You also have to figure how much money not only Sony poured into this but how much the studio lost because of this. No way they could have recouped that loss with those sales.

Niche game?

Goldby638d ago (Edited 637d ago )

it wasnt actively being developed for 10 years

EDIT: 99 upvotes. you guys are awesome.


KickSpinFilter638d ago

No guns Bang Bang etc. A game about a Dog Bird and a boy that's pretty Niche

dcbronco638d ago

Exactly Gangsta, Sony can add it to the pile of games that loses a ton of money. But what are the four out of ten that makes so much money they break even on exclusives. The LoU does its job. Who else. Oh, Bloodborne. Then?

Thatguy-310638d ago (Edited 638d ago )

Sony doesn't always make games expecting them to sell millions upon millions. They solely made this game for the fans. And if you look at the past games(ico, shadow of the colossus) they didn't sell millions upon millions at release.

TomatoDragon638d ago (Edited 638d ago )

Actually, according to didn't seem as costly to develop as many think:

"It's been in development for a very, very long time. It must be a considerable investment... is it one of the most expensive games you've ever developed?

No, no, not at all. The team is much smaller. Teams in Japan are much smaller in general than teams in the US and Europe... Horizon is a much bigger budget title than The Last Guardian! It's not so small, it's much bigger than Ico or Shadow of the Colossus, but it's not a US or European-style budget.

uptownsoul638d ago (Edited 638d ago )

Well then its a good thing that Sony thought about getting the game out to the fans more than they thought about how much money they would or wouldn't make

Silly gameAr638d ago (Edited 638d ago )


Yet, they keep coming, so what does that tell you?

Trez1234638d ago

[email protected] uncharted 4 , the last of us, bloodborne, KZ shadow fall, infamous second son, knack, driveclub all sold over 2 millions. Then you have little big planet 3, until dawn, rachet and clank and those did pretty well commercially.

Unlike the start of last gen, games are selling well on playstation.

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IamTylerDurden1638d ago


Team Ico games even though they get great reviews don't really sell. In actuality TLG has exceeded sales expectations thus far and was sold out at many stores the week after launch. It already outsold ICO and is selling at a faster rate than SotC. In truth, Sony didn't press enough copies and underestimated demand.

Sony probably will lose money on TLG, but that isn't why they decided to keep it alive and not dump it like MS did with Scalebound. They knew it'd probably be a losing venture with all the issues surrounding it, but the reason Sony decided to finish this game was purely for the fans. It is a niche game btw.

Muzikguy638d ago


It seems like you and some others like dcbronco are putting way too much into sales figures. This is what makes Sony different from other companies. They don't "need" to sell 7 gazillion copies of a game to consider it a success or warrant a sequel. They know not every game can sell like COD or GTA. They know that that mentality of only looking at sales isn't how you build a diverse game library.

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OB1Biker638d ago

'But i like the new get out of jail free card we now have with the term Niche. '

I usually easily understand what your saying, with your concerns and the like, but you lost me there.
It's about the monopoly game right?

bluefox755638d ago (Edited 638d ago )

You're right, this will most likely be a loss for Sony, financially. But they still delivered. They could have done like Microsoft with Scalebound and just scrapped the project years ago when things got tough, but they didn't. This is why people buy Playstation. They go the extra mile to deliver quality games, no matter the cost.

Also, Niche game? Of course it's a niche game. Everyone one of Team Ico's games are niche. It doesn't stop them from being critically praised, winning awards, and doing unique things that have never been done in gaming before. Sure, the Mt Dew swilling CoD crowd will probably pass on this game, but that doesn't make it any less great.

Chevalier638d ago (Edited 638d ago )

Considering that it almost sold 500,000 opening week I would consider it a success. Just look at Gears 4 week 1 only sold 617,000 in comparison and had far more advertising and AAA budget.

If you look at it that way it did quite well actually. I guess Gears did do quite poorly considering Uncharted did over 2.7 million. But for Last Guardian to come close to Gears of War 4 a big franchise game is quite an achievement.

Last Guardian easily outsold Forza Horizon 3 even.

It also beat Quantum Break with more than double the sales.

So perspective wise it was just behind Gears 4 and outsold Forza Horizon 3 BOTH established franchises and easily outsold other new games like Recore and Quantum Break. So if anything it looks like it did quite well.

vega275638d ago (Edited 638d ago )

I thought these were offical number from sony. Not vgchartz. I highly doubt that lost guardian sold that much at all. Matter fact did it even make the top 10 on NPD? Cause the sales for the uk sucked

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81BX638d ago

I agree its niche. But for how many consoles sony has sold, that is a low number.

showtimefolks638d ago (Edited 638d ago )


it amazes me that you think this was in active development for 10 years, it amazes me more that you think this game had a huge budget

team ico were always very small developer so if this game sells 2.5-3 million it will be profitable


seriously even halo,gears and forza haven't sold so what's the point?

not every exclusive needs to sell 10 million to make a profit


thank you. the last guardian will end up with 3 plus million sales which will be great

when did 484K in one week of sales became bad that means if sales hold up it will sell 1.5-2 million in a month

Christopher638d ago (Edited 638d ago )

I wouldn't be surprised. Almost half of many big game costs are in marketing. Selling 500k is break even for most AAA titles nowadays, 1m for major titles, 2m for your CoD/BF1s. The team working on this was small to begin with and, yeah, they went through a ton of years, but it probably doesn't measure up to the costs of a single AC game.

If they hit 750k sold, I'd bet they made a profit, but I bet those profit margins are cringeworthy.

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_-EDMIX-_638d ago (Edited 638d ago )

I don't disagree but that's what makes the release that much more special because this company never really needed to continue the support of this title yet they pulled through for the fans even though they knew they probably weren't going to make a return.

Dedication .

Also yes it is very much a niche game The Shadow of the Colossus and Ico series have always been small sellers

Outside_ofthe_Box638d ago

* * * "No way they could have recouped that loss with those sales" * * *

How much did you expect the TLG to sell during its launch week in order for the money to be recouped by Sony?

It appears that Horizon: ZD's budget is much more than TLG despite TLG being in development longer than Horizon. Which means that TLG budget is well under than that of a typical AAA game. So you can stop "worrying" about recouped losses. Unless you think Gears, whose budget if (I were to bet) is a lot closer to Horizon's, didn't recoup the loss either given that it sold only 133k more than TLG(a niche title) when comparing launch week to launch week...

Selling 500k more or less during the first week is good for The Last Guardian in my opinion. I guess people were expecting 700-900k for week one? That would mean it would have done better than Gears' first week which wouldn't be a realistic prediction given that MS actually marketed it and that Gears is a huge established franchise compared to niche TLG.

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UCForce638d ago (Edited 638d ago )

Nope,It's a niche game. Even the game is not for everyone, but it is successful game for fan and critics. More importantly, I'm proud Sony for sticking their gut and finished their game for 10 years development. For MS, they cancelled Scalebond was a mistake.

Dark_Knightmare2638d ago

It's def a niche game so the fact it sold almost half a million in its first week is actually pretty decent

Outside_ofthe_Box638d ago (Edited 638d ago )

* * * "I am specifically wondering about sales for a game that took nearly 10 years to make and then making less than 500k on release" * * *

If you are truly wondering this then you no longer need to wonder. TomatoDragon has already provided a link that gives an idea of what the budget of The Last Guardian is, which is less than that of a typical AAA game.

Now that we know the approximation of the budget, 500k for a game on one platform with little to no marketing is a good start. No? If not, what do you estimate it needed to sell week one to recoup losses?

NewMonday638d ago (Edited 638d ago )

Thatguy-3106h ago(Edited 5h ago)
"Sony doesn't always make games expecting them to sell millions upon millions. They solely made this game for the fans"


Sony and everybody knew this wasn't going to be a big hit, even Shadow of the Collossis wasn't a big seller on the dominant PS2.

but Sony know the platform and industry need a few "art house" games, even if doesn't sell much it will add to the prestige of the PS4 and that is the value of the game.

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rainslacker638d ago

That's an estimate of sales, so that's the first grain of salt.

Second would be that that's the first week of sales. So likely, it sold more than that over time.

Dunno if it'll lose money or not. No one knows what the budget was, but it wasn't in the top tier AAA range. Probably 30-50 million, including marketing.

UltraNova638d ago


What do you call a game with a boy and his huge dog bird, mainstream? Yes its a nich game/genre. A niche game that outsold actual AAA mainstream games in its first week, so I'd call that a success sales wise, plus It doesnt hurt that it was a good game as well.

Lets not forget that these type of games have long legs. It will be selling for years to come. I m fairly confident it will surpass 2 million by years end and will top at 3-5 milion further down the road.

I really hope Team ICO is already working on a new IP, I cant get enough of the worlds they create.

PS: I think this game would be pure magic in 3rd person VR...

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TWB638d ago

Prototype phase -> active development -> 2 yeat hiatus when Puppeteer was being worked on the PS3 (Ueda confirmed that they allocated resources there) -> less active development with a smaller team -> transition and last stretch development on the PS4.

They did use their resources wisely. Its not like they went overboard with the budget.

C-H-E-F637d ago (Edited 637d ago )

I think at the end of the day the game became a project for the fans more-so than a project for financial gains. I think the only way it would've made money is if it sold the way GTAV is selling haha. It's definitely a fan made game with no intentions of capitalizing on consumer finances. I didn't even see 1 commercial for this game leading up to the release.

Every game is a niche game unless it's a household titles... like GTAV, COD, BF, those are mainstream games but then you have games like Rainbow Six n Saints Row that are of the same genre but are niche games because they cater to a different core audience as well as they aren't household titles.

Liqu1d637d ago

"Niche game?"

Yes. I know you only started gaming last generation so onto Google and look up the sales of Ico and SoTC.


they and we all knew that wasn't going to recover the money invested! But I think Sony deserves credit for keeping it alive as much as it did for the fans

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SpaceRanger638d ago

A game is niche when it sells close to 500,000 its first week? Ok?

Didn't know Forza was an even more niche game. Pretty "Noice" if you ask me.

Septic638d ago Show
SpaceRanger638d ago (Edited 638d ago )

It seems to not be in comparison to its predecessor. What about the game does not cater to a wide audience? This isn't a Souls game (which to some degree has become mainstream for its play style). At that level you're just setting genres.

And by your logic, if Forza was that mainstream,(which it is) wouldn't it have sold more to its "wide audience"? Wouldn't gears have sold more to its "wide audience"?

"They'll agree it is niche as they've been saying it for weeks."

I'm not surprised since this news just got released and people can actually compare how big of an audience it had over "mainstream" games.

Septic638d ago (Edited 638d ago )

You do realise that when I and everyone else say a niche game I'm not talking about its sales but it's genre right? It's a puzzle action game and you obviously got defensive thinking I'm talking about sales. So when you say:

"It seems to not be in comparison to its predecessor"

It's obvious that you don't know what everyone here is alluding to when we're talking about a "niche' title.

Do you understand now though? Others here are saying the same thing and it has been labelled as a niche title for ages.

Once again- niche based on the type of game it is. Not sales.

SpaceRanger638d ago (Edited 638d ago )

If we were talking about a genre, we'd say genre. People use "niche" rather than genre because of the definition of the word.

Niche: "Denoting or relating to products, services, or interests that appeal to a SMALL, specialized section of the population."

So by its definition, this game is technically not niche since it's appeal is more than to a small specialized section of the gaming community.

Once again, you're describing the word "genre" yet are using niche. Quantity defines the word niche. So yes, sales go hand in hand with the definition. If it sold more to more people it wouldn't be niche, it would be considered mainstream. Sorry Septic, ~500,000 in launch week is not a small specialized population. No matter how you spin it.

Septic638d ago

I'm not spinning anything. Scroll down and notice several people saying the same thing. I don't see them having being afflicted by your replies as you struggle to understand what we're all saying.

SpaceRanger638d ago (Edited 638d ago )

" you struggle to understand what we're all saying."

Yeah it seems like sensible discussion with you is over. At least I tried.

Septic638d ago (Edited 638d ago )

"Yeah it seems like sensible discussion with you is over. At least I tried."

No you didn't try.

When you're sitting there accusing me of spinning things when all I've done is praise the title in the same manner others are, you haven't tried nearly hard enough.

Why have you not replied to the three other posters on here saying the exact same thing?

"elda3h ago
Not bad for a niche game,I haven't really started my copy yet."

You literally made a beeline straight for me. Then I'm telling you what we all mean by niche title. Then you just start creating your own narrative for what niche means when EVERYONE ELSE here supposedly understands the meaning....and bring in Forza like I'm going to defend it's sales comparatively.

You're not fooling anyone. And if you really want to discuss it sensibly, drop the vindictive tone.

I'm not bad mouthing TLG here. It's done well. And yes, it's done better than Forza in first week sales.

638d ago
Trez1234638d ago

Septic @ I agree with you that the last guardian is within a niche genre in gaming. Let's hope it becomes popular as all niche games/things in general can become popular.

Liqu1d637d ago

I hate to say it but Septic is right, TLG is a niche game just like Ico and SoTC were.

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Sparta07638d ago (Edited 638d ago )

Well is a new ip, and it sold as much as forza. So no, not bad at all. Especially for a niche game.

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Letthewookiewin638d ago

I bought mine digitally :( so I don't count. I wonder how many you can add from digital sales.

Utalkin2me637d ago


Dont you have some game cancellations to look forward too?

nowitzki2004638d ago

I agree, its a good sales number for the game in the first week. There is a bunch of people like myself who are just waiting for the right sale, or price drop.

TWB638d ago

It is a decent amount sold, since Ico and SotC had a fanbase of 1 mil, so TLG basically sold half of that in 1 week. Sony even said the preorders were up from their estimates, and they had stated that they expected more from TLG for it to be a success.

It probably will meet their goals with this pace.

C-H-E-F637d ago

Yeah, i haven't picked it up yet because I bought a sh!t ton of games in october - December including PSVR/PSVITA/PS4 games and i really need to dive into those i'm sure there's others like me that are trying to trim down their library before diving into more games. I'll be picking it up in march more than likely. I literally just beat Beyond 2 Souls and I bought that game at launch... smh haha

QUIMICOMORTAL637d ago (Edited 637d ago )

they and we all knew that wasn't going to recover the money invested! But I think Sony deserves credit for keeping it alive as much as it did for the fans.

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isarai638d ago

It may sound like a flop but i doubt it is, the team working on this "Team ICO" is only about 23 people. This also wasn't in constant development despite what people think, the game has been on hold many times and the team split up for other projects (the art team was used for Knack, and the ico collection, also worked on Puppeteer)

Plus i doubt sony thought it would hit mass appeal, they seemed well aware it was niche when asked about it so many times

RpgSama638d ago

Actually is a lot more than I thought it could sell, and I'm a big Team ICO fan, not only did it sell amazingly well for a "niche" title, these are just first week RETAIL number, they are not even counting digital.

This is the kind of game that will have long legs as more and more people get to discover it and recommend it, I'm very happy for Team Ico.

638d ago
hells_supernova638d ago

I am not saying you are a liar but I need evidence that this was the case.

Great sales for this title. I don't think it will ever make its money back but im glad sony released it

638d ago
Summons75638d ago

While there is no way this is going to recoop it's losses, this was a lot better that I was expecting for an already niche developer developing this for a good 8 years. Glad to have this in my collection.

TomatoDragon638d ago

Don't be so sure.

"It's been in development for a very, very long time. It must be a considerable investment... is it one of the most expensive games you've ever developed?

No, no, not at all. The team is much smaller. Teams in Japan are much smaller in general than teams in the US and Europe... Horizon is a much bigger budget title than The Last Guardian! It's not so small, it's much bigger than Ico or Shadow of the Colossus, but it's not a US or European-style budget.

638d ago
OB1Biker638d ago (Edited 638d ago )

That sounds a good number to me. Is it not? Were people expecting a bloodborne like number?

TomatoDragon638d ago (Edited 638d ago )

Its a good number for sure. Team Ico is a small dev, and their games, while always receiving high praise, are niche titles. Don't let the warring folks here get to you.
Ico, sold in its entire lifetime, what Last Guardian did in a week.
And Shadow did 1.14mil
So we'll see where Guardian ends up. But really doesn't matter in the end. The game came out. That's what matters.

ShadowKnight638d ago (Edited 636d ago )

SOTC and ICO sold around 1 million in it's lifetime on the PS2 and The ICO & Shadow of the Colossus Collection sold another 1.32 million on the PS3. The Last Guardian is on pace to sell a million copies and it's still a fantastic game that got great reviews. I'm glad the game wasn't cancelled.

Nyxus638d ago

Yeah and also keep in mind these numbers are only for the first week. The game is still in the UK charts even now (granted, not very high, but it's still selling).

dirkdady638d ago

Yea bet u we'll be seeing the ICO collection pt 2 on ps5.

thegamefox93638d ago (Edited 638d ago )

Its gonna definitely sell more than 1 million...It sold almost 500k in the first week
I can see it selling a total 1.5 million copies in the next 3 years...

CapitalGamerNZ638d ago

I can see it doing those sorts of numbers as well however, this is what's wrong with gaming. Doesn't seem to matter how many consoles Sony or MS shift the attach rate for most games still remains really low. 50 million consoles and only 500k copies sold. That's a lot of PS4 owners that are not buying the game!

GamerGT638d ago Show
Christopher637d ago

***That's a lot of PS4 owners that are not buying the game!***

It's actually typical that a very small portion of console owners actually buy a specific game. Only a handful of games each year sell anywhere close to 10% of the install base. Usually big third party titles.

Tussin187638d ago (Edited 638d ago )

Yes, I'm just glad Sony had the balls not to cancel the game because they knew it had a special place in gamers hearts. The one's that wanted it at least. That's why I continue to support Sony because of decisions like this.

Omeganex9999638d ago

That's what makes Playstation the leader. No fucking way they would have cancelled Scalebound. But PS is in a much better position than MS currently.

UCForce638d ago

You should thank to Sony that they weren't give up this game.

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