The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Nintendo Switch vs. PC Comparison Confirms Improved Visuals

Nintendo Switch launch lineup has finally been revealed and one of the games that is confirmed to be releasing on Switch is the popular fantasy RPG, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Here's a comparison between the the Nintendo Switch, PC Special and PC Vanilla version of the game.

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xer01468d ago

This game really has legs.
I remember playing it on PC 4 years ago.., before my partner made me get rid of the PC from our bedroom.

IamTylerDurden11468d ago

What resolution does it run at? How does it run on the tablet? The game already run native 4K on PS4 Pro.

pcz1468d ago

this screen shot shows off the switch version really well, really hi res

quent1468d ago

I'm guessing 1440P, although I don't know if its upscaled or native

denawayne1468d ago

Hey, Goldenaxe was the sh*t

indysurfn1468d ago

Xero how did you play Skyrim SPECIAL edition when it came out in late OCTOBER 2016 a less than three months ago? The article is saying with the extra graphics detail of the PC SPECIAL edition they are confirming SWITCH is close to it with a smooth frame rate.

xer01468d ago (Edited 1468d ago )


Oh dear... I guess i hurt the feelings of some Nintendo fans.

Skyrim is skyrim... regardless of special edition or vanilla b*llocks edition. It still came out years ago.
And i'm surprised by it's longevity.

nX1467d ago

^Well from a gameplay perspective it easily competes with games from 2016. It's just that every damn gamer has played it at this point.

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zeal0us1468d ago

Sorry I thought the same thing when I read the sentence. My manager tend to used the phrase when describing his boyfriend/soon-to-be husband and playing Final Fantasy 14

AcidDvl1468d ago

It's not Switch footage!
Come on, we aren't really that naive right?

wutang4ever1468d ago

i almost drank the kool - aid

Berenwulf1468d ago

Thanks for pointing that out, I can't believe that people are actually thinking this is footage taken from the switch.

Perjoss1468d ago

Exactly, and even if it is Switch footage the game isn't finished, it doesn't even have a solid release date, just 'fall 2017'

Uken121468d ago

Well if you watched the trailer of it being announced for the switch you can see that the person did use the video from the switch reveal conference. And that being said with what is shown, it definitely is the remastered version. But at a lower resolution obviously but still looks really good. Where is your proof that it isn't switch footage?

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MetroidFREAK211468d ago (Edited 1468d ago )

I just hope the Switch version supports mods. I've been holding off on the Xbox One version just for the Switch version. If it does not support mods, I won't be getting it on the Switch

nowitzki20041468d ago

It should have mods, but I dont see it happening on Nintendos console. Just get it for X1, does the Remaster support mods on X1?

Profchaos1468d ago

The remaster supports mods on xbox and ps but your right i don't see this having mods on the switch or being supported past launch

MetroidFREAK211468d ago (Edited 1468d ago )

I don't see that happening either, but until it's confirmed or denied, I'll be waiting haha

nowitzki20041468d ago


I wont be surprised if it does. You should not put Skyrim on a new console unless you are going to allow mods at this point.

1468d ago
_-EDMIX-_1468d ago

I'm pretty positive the remaster supports mods on both versions of Skyrim for Xbox one and PlayStation 4.

If this was the remastered version they would have said it the fact that the title simply just Skyrim is enough to confirm it probably isn't anything like the remaster.

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Profchaos1468d ago (Edited 1468d ago )

You should probably consider getting the xbox version instead.
The switch is just the base version of the game and not the enhanced version that new consoles recived.

Plus it's dirt cheap in some places

SoulMikeY1468d ago

Talking shit you know nothing about....

EddieNX 1468d ago

Its the enhanced version, be gone and its portable.

Erik73571468d ago

Its portable and enhanced. Skyrim on the go? Yes please

_-EDMIX-_1468d ago (Edited 1468d ago )

You guys could disagree all you want but I'm inclined to believe that this person is correct simply because when the remaster of Skyrim was first announced they made a pretty big deal out of the enhancements in the mods literally todd Howard was talking about Skyrim, never mention mods, never mentioned enhancements the title doesn't even say remaster or special edition.....

So what you're telling me is mods and enhancements are in Skyrim for the switch but this is the first time that they've never made statements regarding them despite doing the complete opposite for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One when it first announced?

I'm sorry but Skyrim was never announced for PlayStation 4 or Xbox One is just Skyrim and no mention of mods or enhancements the very first trailer talked about mods and enhancements.

I'm not entirely sure why they would do something completely different for the switch in regards to announcement yet completely have the same version...

It doesn't make any sense and it sounds like wishful thinking I'm sorry but it's starting to sound like they're not mentioning it because it's not there

Nintendo Gamers do this all the time in terms of trying to desperately spin something as "well we don't have all the information" or "they didn't State anything yet" disregard that they did the complete opposite when announcing for other platforms.

Did they announce the remaster for Skyrim on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One this way?

I mean I would assume if they wanted you to know those features exist that probably would have been the best time to tell those consumers about those features to get sales.

I see no benefit to the consumer or to Bethesda to hide the features in Skyrim...

If anything do you guys even have a link confirming that the Skyrim version is the enhanced version with mods? I haven't heard any official definitive statement regarding Skyrim being the enhanced version.

Goldby1468d ago


Except its just Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Not Special Edition. This is the 2011 version optimised for the switch. Thats it.

You cant expect 2016 ps4/x1 console games on a handheld no matter how much you kneeland pray

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NohansenBoy1468d ago

Just get a PC! You'de be able to do so much more on a $400-500 PC.

MetroidFREAK211468d ago

Not the point of this discussion

Nintentional1468d ago

And you can't take a $400-$500 PC with you anywhere you go lol

NohansenBoy1468d ago (Edited 1467d ago )


I thought you were just wanting the best possible Skyrim experience. Thinking that, PC would be a no brainer.


No, but you have so many more options, plus there's laptops and windows tablets.


I can't tell if you're being serious or not.

fathertime44641468d ago

Your not going to get a laptop capable of playing Skyrim for $300 you nuts?!

WeAreLegion1468d ago

You can definitely take a $400-$500 laptop with you anywhere you go.

MAULxx1468d ago

Someone always has to bring in the PC.
Dude, everyone has a PC but everyone doesn't want to game on it.

Lennoxb631468d ago

$400-$500 PC? Yea good luck trying to run it at even the Xbox One's level.

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nowitzki20041468d ago

All I know is. I cant wait to play Zelda on my lunch break.

MetroidFREAK211468d ago

Well same. Zelda looks great. My go to game at launch... But again, not the point of the discussion...

BVFTW1468d ago (Edited 1468d ago )

I don't think the Switch version could be heavily modded or if it will have mod support at all, only if the Switch has more than 4GB of Ram and Nintendo is open to allow user generated content. If you want Skyrim with mods "for consoles" and you have both, the Ps4 and the Xbox one, go for the Xbox One version, at the moment it has better mod support because it has more access to the system ram (5gb against 1gb) plus you can also mod assets like scripts, textures and sound files while the PS4 version can’t upload any external assets. Altought if you want the best skyrim experience, go with the PC version of the game.

Nathan_Hale531468d ago

Consoles in general can't be heavily modded.

BVFTW1468d ago (Edited 1468d ago )

Yes, you're right Nate (I loved resistance btw XD) but there are exceptions, in this case, Skyrim and Fallout 4 for Xbox one can be heavily modded, if Metroid freak is interested in Skyrim mods in console then that is the way to go, great mods like Falksar are available for the console, new npcs, weapons, music tracks, sounds, etc it's a shame that Bethesda couldn't "fully add" these feature on the PS4 version, I believe its possible but Sony didn't allow it to its full potential for security reasons, its understandable as the PS4 uses a lot of propietary formats so there must also be a tangle of red tape and copyrights in the way.

Gemmol1468d ago

rumors said it have mods, those same rumors that said the game is coming, so expect mods

Drizzy1468d ago

Cool story bro. Nintendo is not going to give you mods

SirCharles1467d ago

With a tablet gpu and less than 4gb of ram available for games? Yeah, good luck with that.

BVFTW1465d ago

If the system has 4gb, it won't be all to games, OS and background operations will take a bite off that pool, how much is up to the developer and further optimization through system updates.

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Yohshida1468d ago

ahahah really? Screenshots taken from a video on youtube? Might aswell record it with a potato. Such a great source!

1467d ago
Wallstreet371468d ago (Edited 1468d ago )

FIFA, Skyrim, NBA 2K are all rumored to be last gen ports and not next gen versions. Obviously the games will be modified to look better but that's sad.

EddieNX 1468d ago

That's not true at all lol Skyrim to me looks like the enhanced version and we know little about FIFA or NBA just yet.

Wallstreet371468d ago (Edited 1468d ago )

To you Mario looks like the best game of all time with uber graphics lol haha

Your not saying much. Your a delusional fanatic spreading propaganda and twisting Wiiu numbers to make Nintebdo look good

Wallstreet371468d ago

I said rumors which for Nintendo have been ridiculously spot on as they have been for ps4 and Xbox one :)

EddieNX 1468d ago

Wallstreet you're a bad troll Buddy, get a life. I'm getting a Switch day 1 ;)

_-EDMIX-_1468d ago

As a person that is pulled over 300 hours in Skyrim on PC I'm sorry but the version I saw on the switch actually looks like the vanilla version....Like....A lot.

Also noticed that they never called it the enhanced version or special edition or anything like that they literally just called it Skyrim.

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vergilxx31468d ago

I don't recall skyrim remaster on ps3 bud

_-EDMIX-_1468d ago

Skyrim is on the PlayStation 3 and 360 he literally means that the versions of Skyrim on the switch is from the PlayStation 3 in 360 version and I'm inclined to believe that unless they confirm anything else because they stated nothing about mods ,they stated nothing about enhancements and it's not called the special edition that's enough for me to believe it's probably true.

nitus101467d ago

You can get the basic Skyrim or "The Legendary Edition" for the PS3 or XBox360 and while both are 720p "The Legendary Edition" has all DLC. That is ‎"Dragonborn", "‎Dawnguard" and ‎"Hearthfire". It still has that annoying (PS3) 6MB bug in that when your saves get to 6MB or more the game freezes until the save completes and I have seen freezes of up to a minute. The fix was to turn off all autosaves and save manually.

Not sure what the version of Skyrim would be on the Switch but if does not have all the DLC then Switch users are getting ripped off. Price wise for the PS4 the game is approximately $55 USD new and you can purchase it cheaper than that if you get is second hand.

Currently, there isn't any release date for Skyrim on the Switch.

Gemmol1468d ago

stop with your lies......only a fool will believe