Sony must create more first-party gaming titles

Sony's PS3 may not be selling like hotcakes as they were at launch because of a lack of first-party titles and franchises, says an analyst at IDC.

Billy Pidgeon's comments came just after NPD's games sales figures, which show healthy sales of both the PS3 and PS2, were released.

"The PlayStation brand doesn't appear to be helping the PS3. If NPD's numbers are correct, there are over 300K PS3s on retails shelves," said Pidgeon to

"That is not good for a console launch of only a million, and it's not good for publishers with PS3 software."

He suggested that Sony's sales of the PS3 would be healthier if gamers could look forward to upcoming known franchises; although first-party PS3 games Heavenly sword and Motorsport are coming out soon, Pidgeon said, "They're new and less anticipated."

"Sony needs more must-have first party titles to sell consoles. Gamers know Halo 3 is coming on the Xbox 360, and they can expect Mario on the Wii, but there are no established first party franchises coming to the PS3 except Gran Turismo – and that is delayed."

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kornbeaner5229d ago

I agree, i have me PS3 and am looking foward to great titlesm but as of right now am playing NBA 2K7, and really nothing more, but it's enough to hold me over, for right now. But sony needs to hurry.

KS19855229d ago

with many developers who have the PS3 developing kit, they should be able to come with a game exclucive the this console, e.g. try and imagine Loco Roco on the PS3 fully 3D graphics using the tilt function of the SIXIS.

marionz5229d ago

sony cant afford to sit on their @ss in 2007, the 360 is firmly in number one spot and still selling well, with great games and first party support, its going to be a hard year for sony unless they get some killer games to proove the ps3 is worth the asking price

calderra5229d ago

It's been known for quite some time that both Wii and 360 have more new IPs in development for their systems overall- regardless of 1st or 3rd party.

The question is whether this trend continues... which is looks like it's going to. 360 and PS3 are staying pretty even with trading franchises, and they will continue to do so. Burnout, for example, will be a timed PS3 exclusive going multiplatform (like all the others), as will the next Splinter Cell. And so on...

kornbeaner5228d ago

as long as gamers buy them, but that dosen't seem to be the case for the 360. What was the most popular game at launch CoD2, and they had good games come out, Saints row, dead rising and Gears of war but outside of GOW non of these game had any type of hype or extended press. And now a game that looks like it might sell well is Lost planet. All games that seem to sell well on the 360 platform are shooters, so new ip's dont mean anything if their not being bought.

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The story is too old to be commented.