Motorstorm : Pacific Rift QORE Demo was from a very Old build

See the comparison pictures to find out. The QORE Demo is actually the same Demo which was shown at e3,2008

metalhead5761d ago

Yay it looks much better now

Rick Astley5761d ago

I thought everyone knew this by now. The preview demo build featured in Qore Episode 4 is a few months old. Sony can be very retarded sometimes. Why release a very old build as a demo that everyone will get to see on their HDTV's at home if the game is right around the corner? They did this with Heavenly Sword too.

barom5760d ago

Wow, can't believe the devs would put out such an old build. The differences are large.

jwatt5760d ago

yea but it still looks good and people must be enjoying the demo because Motorstorm 1 went up high on amazon's top 100.

Doppy5760d ago

Like I said earlier, the demo wasn't up to par with what they had been showing. It barley looked any better than the first one (which was very impressive, but come on). The demo is bland and these new screens show a much needed graphical boost for it to be spared a inevitable bashing from console war junkies. I'm glad to see that the game will look a lot better come it's releae date, because if we all are going to be honest there are only 2 reasons why we buy Mortostorm.

1. The unpredictable gameplay
2. The great graphics.

nbsmatambo5760d ago

so we get the old stuff instead of the new >.<

Ninja-Sama5760d ago (Edited 5760d ago )

Rly weird move by Sony to put out the old build. Some ppl. actually judge whether or not they're going to buy a game based on a demo. (Its true)

SO what are the ppl. who don't know that the demo is from an old build supposed to think?

Rly, Sony confuses me sometimes...

uie4rhig5760d ago

anyone know if this is the same for the EU beta?

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White-Sharingan5761d ago

very sexy indeed (i noticed the qore one was seemed weird in graphics department)

Chandresh Patel5760d ago

wow,at 80% motorstorm 2 is looking incredible

Mc Fadge5760d ago

Anybody fill me in on this rule?

TheExecutive5760d ago

They arent supposed to be. However, I dont have a problem with these (I'll be it very few) forum posts that basically state a fact that some/many wouldn't have known.

The screens are right there to judge so there is little room for opinion.

InfiniteUnfloppery5760d ago

Motorstorm 2 is looking Phenomenal,the CELL Processor and RSX Graphics Chip are truly Remarkable

-_-5760d ago

[[praise be to Kutaragi]]

TheOtherGuy5760d ago

Praise be to PURITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Harry1905760d ago

Machina. And me and you of course.

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi5760d ago

WOW!!! The Demo looked and played Amazing, so it's going to look even better??? WOW!!! WOW!!! Er WOW!!! ;-P

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