God of War II Hands-on

IGN had a chance to play through the first section of the game.

From the article: "to say that we were impressed would be a bit of an understatement. What we saw was perfectly in line with what we experienced in the E3 demo back in May - the set pieces are bigger than ever, Kratos is still really, really pissed off and the game looks to be about as epic as possible. Even though we've barely scratched the surface, it's hard not to claim God of War II will be a contender for the best PS2 game yet."

TheMART6401d ago

Now this is getting my attention... Maybe should replace the PS2...

At least the PS2 is still getting good content and the hardware is selling. PS3 get's pwned by the PS2. Nice work Sony. This game is getting some attention from me at least. Saw some PS2's around costing nothing almost even with some new games with it I don't have already

Juevani6401d ago

dont forget God Of War III is comin to PS3 fool cus Sony owns the damn company, and yea this game is something for its own, cant wait to play this one and cant wait to see what the next one will look like.

TheMART6401d ago

Well I don't need a PS3 if it looks this good at the PS2. And I still haven't seen a launch date for this one on the PS3

Plus there isn't so much to own a PS3 for. There is much to own a PS2 for. Certainly for the price of the PS2 at this point in time. The next gen console to have is the 360 with it's content and it's pricepoint. The PS3 is just way too expensive and offers less.

Easy. Consoles to have: PS2, 360 and maybe the Wii. Plus handheld, where I like the PSP best, others like the DS.

big_tim6401d ago

You should show this side more often. It starts to show that you are a fan more of the games and not just the systems(ie 360).

Anyway, this is why I am a big fan of backwards compatibility. The games for PS2 and some Xbox games haven't been released. It allows us to play the good titles from last gen while waiting for new titles. This applies for all systems.

It is also impressive how good this game looks considering it is on a PS2. WOW!

OutLaw6401d ago

Everybody knows you're Pro 360 all the way. But why after you complimented God of War you felt the need to bad mouth the PS3?

What you say about the PS3 has nothing to do with God of War.

Unless you have the system which I highly doubt maybe you should just concentrate on what the 360 does for you or at least stop bringing the PS3 up in every subject.

I'm not trying to pick on you but you are one of the people on this site that just keeps on with the flaming.

PS. And please don't bring up anymore how Sony screwed you over with the PS2. I myself had 3 PS2s that broke and a couple of PSPs and you know what, that's life, sh!t happens.

TheMART6401d ago

Outlaw, I respect what you say.

But I feel a bit different about what to say or not compared to you. I can't even understand you getting screwed over to have to buy a couple of PS2's and PSP's really. My first XBOX is already working about 5 years. I really feel Sony did a bad job on at least the PS2. While they should be a hardware company.

So in my view: no that's not life, that's a sh!tty service. And if I feel about it that way that's that.

Furthermore, yeah I am for sure pro 360 at the moment. Because that's the way to go. Yeah I think Sony killed the Dreamcast because of all their false promisses and lies over the PS2. And yup, they did it again this time, although they didn't succeed people think a little bit more themselves this time around. I am glad of that. Plus that MS has deep pockets to be able to fund their console, unlike Sega back then.

And why not may I say, that the backup the PS2 now gets, is a lack at the PS3? That's actually completely the truth! It's the way SOny wanted themselve to be actually: "People will sell the PS3 even if there are no games", it's about Cell, peak power, paper specs. Not about the games.

360/MS are just doing about everything right. And I hate rabbit PS stupidity saying: oh the system is better blablabla but reality in games shows that all the multiplatform games on 360 look better, the online system is premium compared to the 'free' PS3 one and the number and quality of the exclusives are better on the 360.

So yeah. That's about it. And I don't think all posts should be let's get along the honey and the bees. Come on. It's a discussion board. And I like sarcasm. Let's bring the heat on. In my eyes that's not flaming, it's written on sharp edges instead of being cute and that's just me.

I really hope Sony get's punished over their PS2 and PS3 lies. Let them be in 3rd place, Nintendo with Wii 2nd and MS with 360 1st. They all deserved that this round

Content, content. Gods of War II for the PS2 gives the system credibility.

OutLaw6401d ago (Edited 6401d ago )

Everytime any topic about Sony comes up you ramble on about how great the 360 is and how crappy the PS3 is.

This topic is about God of War and you start out on a good note about the game and then bam you start saying "PS3 get's pwned by the PS2. Nice work Sony." Like that's necessary and it's not just this news it's anything that has to do with the PS3. I get what you're saying I think everybody on this site hears what you're saying. But sooner or later you have to give it a break already. What you say about the PS3 or Sony doesn't apply to every topic. Try to stay focus sometimes. It wouldn't have hurt for you to just compliment God of War and move on.

Also you claim that you "hate rabbit PS stupidity saying: oh the system is better blablabla" and I agree with you about that but at the same time you're no different. You ramble on the same way for no reason but to try and put down Sony.

Also by the way don't try and test me with this.

"So yeah. That's about it. And I don't think all posts should be let's get along the honey and the bees. Come on. It's a discussion board. And I like sarcasm. Let's bring the heat on. In my eyes that's not flaming, it's written on sharp edges instead of being cute and that's just me."

I personally would guarantee you that, that honey and bee, cute stuff you talk about I'm not. I just try to do my best to stay on topic here on N4G. If you ever met me you wouldn't be talking that bullsh!t to my face because it would be "nighty nite" for you. So do yourself a favor and save the stupidity for someone else. I never once ever beat around the bush with people and I always speak my mind so don't play this game with me. I'm not the one!

Maldread6400d ago

You should show this side of you more often Mart, it would help distinguise you from the other fanboys on this site. I`m personally more interested in the PS3 than 360 at the moment (games like MGS4,FF-series and so on), but that don`t mean i care for PS3 fanboys either. Personally i can afford both consoles at one point, so i can enjoy what moast has to offer.

I agree with you on moast you`re saying on PS3- high price and lack of / worse versions of good games, but there isn`t reason to bring it up during every post. Try to stay on subject. It`s also to early to conclude how well the system will be, since it`s just has been released, or hasn`t even been released in Europe. Look at the 360 progress during it`s first year. Sony definatly deserves critisism for delivering a bad start, but that dosn`t equals they going to suck for all time.

Come to think of it, i havn`t stayed on topic here myself, so i`ll repeat what i said in a newer articlepost :

I think they should add some armour to the skeletons to make them look more thougher, they look kind of week without, if you ask me. Different ways of killing a boss would also be a welcome addition to the game. Otherwise it appears to surpass the original in ever aspect.

TheMART6400d ago (Edited 6400d ago )

Well well. Listen up. I think this:

"At least the PS2 is still getting good content and the hardware is selling. PS3 get's pwned by the PS2. Nice work Sony"

Reflects on nice content like Gods of War adn the PS2 that outsells the PS3 because of that good content. That's actually the reality at this moment If I want to write that, I write it period. If you don't want to hear it, put the head in the ground. You can hit the agree or disagree button for that.

As I said, I respect what you're saying Outlaw. Another thing is that no-one ever managed to let it be a "nighty night" for me. So I'm fine with you mentioning that. I must say that the statement you make there doesn't reflect anything you write normally, actually. And it's a bit of an ackward statement which I would not expect from you.

As for what I post or not, that's not up to you. I think I didn't start to play anywhere with anyone with the thing I wrote above, you replied, I answered. That's your opinion and this is mine. For the rest, the bubble system and the mods are there. That's that.

So where you get the thing that I or you would be playing a game with anyone, that's on your account. I'm posting, you're posting.

But well to finish this ontopic again:

I see it's out around April this year in Europe, they might bundle it with a PS2... That would be nice

@ DJ Please dude. Don't call someone else a hater when it defines what you are yourself. Don't try to remove the splinter from someone elses eye when there is a whole forest in your own eyes man.

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zonetrooper56401d ago

God of War 3 will come out on the PS3 but God of War 2 is not coming out on the PS3.

True Gamer6401d ago

God of War 2 is not coming out on PS3 but it can still be played on the PS3, did you forget?

Or is it that you're used to bad backwards compatibility that MS offers with the xbox 360?

DJ6401d ago

I can't wait to play this game, especially after seeing how far they've pushed the graphics and gameplay.

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My son and I played a ton of Monster Hunter on PSP


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JL2930259d ago

Both requels over 2 and 3? Clowns. Those are two of the most boring games I've ever played.

Snookies12259d ago

GoW 3 was amazing, but I personally hated just one thing. (This is on me alone, because I was dumb, lol.) I hated that you couldn't skip cutscenes on repeat playthroughs. I had to go back through the game a third time because I missed one trophy accidentally on my way to the platinum... The cutscenes were great the first go round, even the second... But the third was pretty agonizing.

Haven't played Ragnarok, but I still think GoW 4 is a wonderful game in its own right. Not sure how I would stack them up against each other honestly.

Monstieur259d ago (Edited 259d ago )

I don't consider the reboot part of the original series. The original series were high-skill games with combos and rewards for mixing things up.

solideagle258d ago

lol square, square and triangle is the only combo you needed. I have played all of them on the hardest difficulties...

Golfcoachh259d ago

Maybe I’m just old school but I just couldn’t get into the last two. Maybe it’s the slower action and more story telling but the original trilogy was by far my favorite.

Crows90259d ago

It's not that youre old school. They're different genres

JL2930257d ago (Edited 257d ago )

Me either, at all. It's just yap yap yap. They try to be a RPG's instead of being action games like they used to be.

Fluke_Skywalker258d ago

I'd put the two psp games over 3 in terms of story any day. But not over 2.