Ubisoft Apologises for ‘Explicit’ Naked NPC Model in Watch Dogs 2

Ubisoft has today been forced to apologise after PlayStation 4 users reportedly had their PSN accounts banned for sharing 'graphic' screenshots of naked non-player character models.

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Sciurus_vulgaris2806d ago ShowReplies(9)
Marcello2806d ago

Looks like Ubisoft need to issue a patch but not the type of patch you normally get !!!

And in other words, OMG a vagina !! never seen that before, how horrible take it away take it away, my eyes !!

LackTrue4K2806d ago

The word "patch" has a hold new meaning in games now.

Mrveryodd2806d ago

Didn't we all come out of one of those.


no, you are so misinformed we come out of the belly button.... you stupid head

AfroGear2806d ago

My mother had a Cesarean Section... 😉

joshljr2806d ago

Sorry, I was C-section. So I am deeply... Deeeply... Deeeeeeeeply offended when I look upon an uncensored twinklecave.

babadivad2805d ago (Edited 2805d ago )

I came from an Axlotl tank. I assumed everyone else did as well.

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Obscure_Observer2806d ago

Ubisoft should be ashamed and apologizes for the lazy job on PS4pro´s version which runs worse than the original PS4 version and the game´s Multiplayer modes!

isarai2806d ago

Don't think it's such a biggie, it bothers me more that it looks like a half assed nude mod. As if it's like a sticker of a cooter placed over her panties.

underwhere2806d ago

google "crotchless panties" ;)

JustInTlME2806d ago

He's obviously unaware of this type of panty. Haha

isarai2806d ago

Yeah i know, but the crotchless part here looks very burry and undefined, so i still stand by my statement

Profchaos2806d ago

Blame Sony ubi wanted to make a gta clone so they did. How many rockstar games have had full frontal male nudity again so when rockstar drop rdr2 will Sony ban screenshots of it


yeh blame sony.... for a multiplat game they didn't even have anything to do with it's development. sounds legit

xPhearR3dx2806d ago

Well Sony is the one who banned him not Ubi. Nudity in games isn't exactly anything new. So if Sony supports a screenshots feature they should enforce rules on devs that anything containing nudity would need to be blurred or not allowed to be shared. They already do it with certain areas of menus in games, or in cut scenes, so there's no reason they couldn't do it here.

DragonKnight2806d ago

I think the point is being missed. That nudity is in the game isn't the problem for Sony. That nudity is being shared is the problem. A game is something with a rating and, depending on where you live has different laws regarding its distribution. Watch Dogs 2 is rated M and is not intended for children. But when you take a picture from the game and share it online, those laws no longer apply. So then a parent passes by their child who is online and happens to see that their child is looking at a nude character model. That parent then sees it was shared from a PS4 (or even was shared from one PS4 to their child's PS4). That parent then sues Sony. Do you see where this is going?

All laws and rules exist because of the potential for one rotten apple to spoil the bunch. They don't exist arbitrarily. That's something I had to learn when coming to terms with the fact that, as a Canadian, I'm allowed to own certain guns but not allowed to own two pieces of wood joined together by rope or chain.

xPhearR3dx2806d ago


Oh I 100%, and I understand the point. BUT, there is in fact tools within Sony's system to allow the developers to block said content, menus, dialog etc. Sony as a company that produces hardware for 3rd party companies to make content for, need to set rules and guidelines, but also enforce them. It's Sony's job as much as it is the developer to make sure those are met, but more on Sony.

Same goes for mod content with Bethesda and Fallout 4 + Skyrim. If copyright content is being produced, it's up to Bethesda to monitor that content and remove anything that isn't allowed. Should the creator be held responsible? Absolutely, but so does the company offering it. In this case, Sony. Should PS4 or Xbox users be banned for using and sharing content that Sony, Microsoft, or Bethesda offered even though they didn't create it? No. It's not the users fault. Now if the user manipulated content or in-game editing tools to create something that breaks the rules, then yes they should be punished. But the user didn't create this. Ubisoft did. Sony should be punishing Ubisoft, not the user.

DragonKnight2806d ago

it's only Sony's responsibility to provide the tools and then, when the developer fails to use them properly, to use the tools themselves, but that's it. The developer has more control over these things than Sony does unless it's a first party game. Everybody loves to blame Sony for everything, but this is clearly on Ubisoft because they do have nude models in game.

I mean let's look at the common denominators here. Sony allows Rockstar's games on their console and we don't hear stories like this. Ubisoft does it and all of a sudden it's Sony's fault?

Eonjay2805d ago

Sony has every right and responsibility to filter the content that can be publicly shared over their network especially when they can't control who will see it... people of all ages can see this content. This would circumvent the measures that parents put into place on their own console in their own household.

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Tumaras2806d ago

It is pretty strange that they'd take the time to model the sex parts in such detail. I don't think I've ever seen that in a normal game like this before. It seems like an inside joke at Ubi that they didn't think would get out but did. Less worried about the parts (it is mature rated) than something this blatant being missed in testing, along with the seamless mp being broken on launch. The game looks ok from what I've seen, just a little leery of bugs since it's Ubisoft after all.

DragonbornZ2806d ago

Well there are nudist in the game. It'd be weird to see em smoothed up