Naked People Are Appearing All Over Watch Dogs 2

Shannon writes: "So, at this point, I’ve put somewhere between 10-15 hours in Watch Dogs 2 and absolutely loved it as referenced in our review. One thing that I didn’t encounter, which a tonne of other people on the Internet appear to be coming across, is naked people."

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UCForce2807d ago (Edited 2806d ago )

Even there are some screenshots are showing woman vagina which look weird. I was like "what the heck ? "

Edit : Not that mean is bad way, it just look odd.

Hoffmann2806d ago

Yeah..its stuff I expected in a Saints Row game..to see something like that in Watch_Dogs was surprising. I have no problem with it though.

UCForce2806d ago

Well, I have no problem with it. But it is very weird to look at.

ShadowKnight2806d ago (Edited 2806d ago )

LMAO... GOTY just for that

Eonjay2806d ago

i was already sold so basically this like free dlc.

LackTrue4K2806d ago

I play games to avoid seeing to many naked females in my life.

UCForce2806d ago

Easy there, I don't mind and it doesn't offend me, but it does look weird.

HallowedSoul12806d ago (Edited 2806d ago )

Are you a virgin or gay ? because that is a text book vagina. absolutely nothing weird about it bro. thats why you're getting disagrees aswell. for a video game vagina its actually quite normal.

Angeljuice2806d ago

LOL at the posters in this thread.
You all have to emphasise "not that I have a problem with it" or "I don't mind but".

The irony is if it were a penis you'd all go batshit.

xtheblackparade2806d ago

maybe they made it double gendered, because it's offensive nowadays to only have a dick or vajayjay :D

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StarElite2806d ago

Omg a vagina!!! The horror,...... the horror!

Double_O_Revan2806d ago

Damn right! In a game with killing and cursing all over, nudity is surely the worst thing in there. =P

SonyWarrior2806d ago

the worst thing is the game mechanics and the over all game design if you ask me