Sony rep says Heavenly Sword release date was a mistake

Following an apparent posting on Sony's official PS3 site earlier today, the interwebs erupted with news that jaw-dropping slash 'em-up Heavenly Sword - easily one of the most impressive games shown at the E3 expo in May 2006 - would hit stores on March 6.

When GamesRadar checked, though, the date had disappeared from the game's official page, replaced only with a vague "2007." According to Sony spokesman Alex Armour, the March release date is wrong and was posted by mistake. Plans for the game's release - as well as for the release of Lair, the hotly anticipated dragon-combat sim - have yet to be decided, he said, as the games are still in production.

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candystop5240d ago

Well thats gotta suck if true!

Locked135240d ago (Edited 5240d ago )

If this is true then Sony is the worst at keeping dates. I'll have to agree with every XBOX fan that posts something negative about Sony because that's ridiculous if it comes out when Lair does.

Grown Folks Talk5239d ago

games in general get pushed back. the last 2 years has been higher than usual with delays. i expect it to continue due to the increased cost/risk of game development nowadays. sometimes, as kingboy said, it's for the best. graw would have been horrible had it come out at launch like it was planned to.

kingboy5240d ago

Delays may be bad news to consumers but at the end it`s only there to favour them.May i remind u this an AAA tittle for sony and doesn`t need a rushing job like what EA does with it`s tittles

DJ5240d ago

since we haven't seen this title since TGS (and even that was only the E3 demo). Maybe Sony's planning to have a summer blitz instead of a traditional slump. A May release would seem reasonable, especially with a bunch of other great titles coming out in late February/early March.

Heavenly Sword was dated as a Spring 07 release, which means an April~June time frame. I'd love to see how far this title's progressed since last year. And to think that Microsoft turned down this game...

testerg355240d ago

WTF am I going to play on the PS3? Any other good titles besides MS coming out soon?

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The story is too old to be commented.