Final Fantasy XII dated (Europe)

Final Fantasy XII is due out in Europe on 23rd February, Square Enix has announced.

The hugely anticipated PlayStation 2 title will be the last core title in the famed RPG series to appear on the Sony console, with number 13 already queued up for PlayStation 3.

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nice_cuppa5237d ago

in edge magazine in uk this game won there game of the year 2006.........

1. its not out .

2. its good but not that good as japanese reviews show3.

edge is a strange magazine.

jackie chann5237d ago

This game is an insult to all the other final fantasies (except X-2) its just rubbish. It was even on gametrailers most disappointing game award.

It's just so boring walking through bland passageways attacking the same enemy over and over again.