When You Really Think About it, Katamari is Probably the Most Disturbing Game You'll Ever Play

It may look all happy and cutesy at a glance, but when you actually consider Katamari's gameplay, it's actually rather dark. Very dark, in fact.

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Summons751689d ago

It maybe disturbing but it's fun as hell and why the Ps4 doesn't have one yet or a Noby Noby Boy 2 is beyond me.

eddieistheillest1689d ago

Creator went to make a different game but I want one sooo bad.

Venox20081688d ago

I want a proper katamari game for ps4 please

kimblejay1685d ago

Me too! Since writing this article I've had Katamari cravings so bad. Looks like I'll have to settle with Touch My Katamari on Vita for now. I'd even be happy with Backwards Compatibility for Beautiful Katamari on Xbox!

Venox20081684d ago

Katamari forever on ps3 is good too.. psp one as well.. ps2 both games are awesome too