Wattam and Katamari creator talks being canceled by Sony, poop, and embarrassment

We recently played Wattam, but we also got to speak with one of its creators, Keita Takahashi, who is most known for Noby Noby Boy and Katamari Damacy. He spoke to us about poop, his embarrassment over his work, and more.

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Fist4achin593d ago

A developer daring to be different. I hope this game is good. I really enjoyed his Katamari games.

isarai593d ago

Really weird and super sucks Sony canceled them, especially given their history of patience with even the most niche games. Glad it survived through all that, going the extra mile to support it and grabbed the special edition physical release with the vinyl soudtrack.

Nasdac592d ago

At least Sony gives them multiple chances to create something with impact. Sony as all the other developers are about sales and/or critics. If there is none of them then the product has no value.

Venox2008592d ago

I am fan of his Katamari games, hope this one will be a good one too

Gordoncordon592d ago

this game is so bad it stinks the playstation store

franwex592d ago

It’s almost like he is asking for reassurance regarding poop being funny.

Well, it is. Just in the right quantities.

DaDrunkenJester592d ago

How many logs is too many logs?

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