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Kados36d ago

Different worlds, different countries, different times. Not everything has to follow 2010-2020 Western Earth fashion. P.S Ardyns outfit is exactly the kind of thing you would see walking down a runway in Paris.

ChrisW36d ago

Most of the Japanese fashion styles in games are based off of anime or manga. They are meant to be over the top and that is what makes them different/interesting.

eddvdm36d ago

don't you dare to change Katamari /gachiHYPER

ChrisW36d ago

I know! The King of All Cosmos's style is epic!!!

Gamerking8235d ago (Edited 35d ago )

Meh I can’t complain . I never switch costumes on any game unless I have to say for higher stats on a RPG . Default all the way with me .