CES: Lair Impressions

Over at the Sony booth during CES this week a build of the upcoming Factor 5 developed dragon action game Lair was running and decided to check it out.

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Hey Zeus5239d ago

When is this game released? I'm guessing we now have to wait later, oh well no big deal, it will only mean the game will rock even more and be a killer app.

THWIP5239d ago

...just a hardware showpiece. Dragon games traditionally don't sell consoles...or even sell well at all... as they're in a niche genre. It's why we haven't seen a sequal to such great games as 'Panzer Dragoon:Orta' or 'Drakan: The Ancient's Gates'.

Captain Tuttle5239d ago

No way this will be out in March.

achira5239d ago

i hope this game will come in march. i want it so much.

Funky Town_TX5239d ago

Judging by the article they spent about 30 sec with the game. Why even mention the game at all.

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The story is too old to be commented.