Silent Hill: Downpour PC Port was Cancelled During Development

The reason why the PC port was cancelled.

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Kyosuke_Sanada822d ago

I actually liked Silent Hill: Downpour to an extent, the story and characters were interesting and having a choice system was an okay option to have. I also adored the semi-open world environment which is unfortunately a dying art in horror games. The main problems were the lack of monster variety and their designs were really lackluster, excluding the last boss, compared to it's predecessors (including Homecoming). Also the soundtrack which delivered decently during cut scenes but felt flat during gameplay.......

ONESHOTV2822d ago

I was going to buy this after I finish the HD collection on the ps3 but never got to buying it. Maybe if it did come to pç

CrimsonWing69821d ago

Downpour was weird, there's part that I felt were Silent Hill and then there were parts that felt too the enemy designs for example. The running from the light was an interesting element that actually got pretty tense.