Forza Horizon 3 PC Struggles To Run At 1080p/60FPS On Many Configurations, Possible Cause Discovered

The performance issues that many have been encountering in Forza Horizon 3 have been detailed. A possible cause has also been discovered

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crazychris4124783d ago

Well this sucks, guess I'll just hold off on buying the game until they address the issue. My 390 is taking a beating in the video.

mikeslemonade783d ago

Yep I haven't even made it pass the tutorial level and it crashes. I have a 4790k with a 980ti. Haven't updated the nvidia drivers though.

brich233782d ago

390 can run at 60 fps, watch the digital foundry video.

Overload783d ago

It might have to do with the DRM system implemented to Windows 10.

crazychris4124783d ago

They say that in the article, typical microsoft screwing up another PC title. This is 3 in a row. Quantum Break, Gears UE and now this.

MasterCornholio782d ago

Is it safe to assume that all future titles that use this DRM system will have the same issues?

Overload782d ago

It seems to be a consistent problem on PC.

SCW1982783d ago

Parity across console and PC my a$$

Mexxan782d ago

Down votes? get frikkin' real.

MS need to be called out on the marketing bullcrap.

No Mans Horison!

steven83r783d ago (Edited 783d ago )

I am getting 60FPS locked for most of my play time But every now and then i notice it drop to 52fps.. And it's annoying. Cut Scenes i notice 30fps.Not sure on resolution will have to see when i get home. But playing on 3,440 x 1,440 monitor 21:9.
My set up:
i7 6700K
Samsung 850 Pro SSD

Xristo783d ago (Edited 783d ago )

I have the exact same setup as you, but instead a 980ti (Love my Acer x34). This is kind of disheartening. I may hold off for a bit to see if drivers improve the gameplay. Maybe I'm overreacting and the g-sync would work wonders? Does your monitor support g-sync?

Gitgud783d ago

if the game drops under 60fps with that sort of rig then man, idk what to say.

SCW1982782d ago

Exact setup as you except 1070 ftw instead. Nervous about this game.

maybelovehate782d ago

I am not seeing any dips but I am using a 6 core processor. Titan X with a 4770k. Game is beautiful!

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