An Ode To Forza Horizon 3

Support for Forza Horizon 3 has officially ended after over two years. Here's a quick look back at this game's important legacy.

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mcstorm512d ago

Driving games is one side microsoft have stood out this gen with Horizon and FM. Enjoyed both but what PG have done with Horizon eash release is outstanding. 4 has to he the best looking open word racing game so far this gen and even though others have tried to copy/use its ideas this is the stand out of the gore. Loved 3 and 4 is now my next game to go to (big backlog) but what I played of it when it came out I enjoyed it and as I said graphic are outstanding and what I find funny on 4 is it plays better on my pc than 3 did for some reason.

traumadisaster512d ago

Support ended? Are you crazy, in no terms is that correct. Support does not mean forizathon things ending. Educate yourself on what game support means and try again.

AKR511d ago

I was referring to support in terms of new content. The game hasn't received any new DLC or patches for quite some time. The last time was a little while before Horizon 4 came out. So, now that its Forzathon events have also wrapped up, safe to say that Playground Games has moved on completely. Online servers are still active of course, but that's it.

Not sure how you missed all that.

TheColbertinator512d ago

FH3 was quite a statement in terms of quality. Really enjoyed Australia as a location.