Forza Horizon 3 PC/Xbox One Comparison Doesn't Show Much Difference, HDR Reportedly Looks Fantastic

This video comparison of Forza Horizon 3 doesn't show much difference between PC & XB1, while the HDR reportedly gives the edge to Xbox One S over the PC version.

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Imp0ssibl32863d ago

PC Master Race Nazis will be pissed! On a serious note, it is strange how the PC is behind in technology advancements for once with HDR

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Lon3wolf2863d ago

HDR has been on PC for ages, it's the monitors that have been behind.

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AuraAbjure2862d ago

Yeah, PC graphics cards need to be less than 2 years old to have an hdmi 2.0 output which is necessary for HDR.

LAWSON722862d ago

People want HDR more than 60 fps lmao

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PlayableGamez-2862d ago

I thought console gamers can't afford high end gaming?

So you are telling me they went out and bought a 1500 dollar TV?

Kingthrash3602862d ago

In no way is hdr more wanted than 60fps.
I just bought a hdr tv (sony x930) and I love how some of the games look I'm hdr.(batman AK looks insane) But I'd still take 60fps over hdr any day.

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Princess_Pilfer2863d ago

No, they aren't. If devs aren't implementing HDR into their games on PC, it's the devs to talk to. My PC and my display both support it, nothing is stopping them.

Similarly, PC is perfectly capable of running circles around any console in terms of graphical abilities, especially with new APIs minimizing overhead so devs can get the most power out of the hardware (albiet with more skill being necessary to do so) so if a game looks about the same on a console with less than half the power then either you're being mislead somehow or the devs aren't doing their job properly.

It's also worth noting, racing games are almost always really good looking on everything because they have to render very little. 1 map or map segment in some games (Like The Witcher) has to load and render more detail at once than several Gran Turismo maps put together, and because you'll be blowing by it at 90+ mph they can make massive detail cuts everywhere that isn't immidately adjacent to the track, there is 0 chance of you going to look and see that the tree texture is a 360x360 vaguely bark like splotch because you're too far away and/or going too fast to see it.

And no, I'm not pissed because I'm a PC master race nazi, I own 9 consoles, I'm pissed because my computer is significanly more powerful than the consoles and supports HDR and yet they decided not to support it for no apparent reason.

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Ashlen2862d ago (Edited 2862d ago )

HDR is just a label, I have been using 10-bit monitors for almost 15 years

Edited to add since N4G is technologically challenged:

10-bit is 1.07 billion colors it's what professional monitors have. TV's and most monitors are 8-Bit 16.8 million.

HDR is 10-bit. TV's are finally catching up to what monitors have been offering for years, but they needed a catchy name aka "HDR" because saying 10-bit is too technical for people.


babadivad2862d ago

10 bit?? I've been gaming over 16 bit since the '90s brah.

Ashlen2862d ago (Edited 2862d ago )


oh your so very funny

Koopdogg2862d ago

Do you honestly think ,PC players give two hoots what the console version is doing...NO!!!
All they care about is that their version runs as it should getting the maximum enjoyment for it!!

XanderZane2862d ago

There are minor difference. Some was in the shadows and a some on the textures. Not that easy to see unless you look really close. Not a big deal. Will still be playing this on my XB1 anyways.

Dasteru2862d ago (Edited 2862d ago )

How is the PC behind when the Geforce 10 series has been available for a while now and has full HDR support? The only real disadvantage on the PC side is the cost of the few HDR monitors that are available. You can still connect to a TV instead though.

As for the video, there are noticable differences. The textures and normal maps both had more detail on the PC version, and there was less aliasing. It wasn't a huge difference but it was a difference. FH3 isn't exactly doing much to take advantage of PC hardware anyway. Neither version looks all that great.

2600Thunder2861d ago (Edited 2861d ago )

Why would you stereotype all 100mil+ PC gamers like that when we get to enjoy the same game like you? What's with all the high school mean girl snobbery between us gamers?

The real analysts like DF enjoy the PC version, so I'm happy. https://www.youtube.com/wat...

Hopefully you are enjoying your version! I can't wait to try this out! Like I've previously said, I despise MS's business practices, but I definitely give their devs credit (and my money) where it's due and very much enjoy some games MS Studios puts out. If it's good I will buy it - as long as there aren't 5 different terminator-platinum-plated-nut -sack editions and the full game isn't price gouged at a 200-300% markup like EA games, which means I will wait for a sale.

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odderz2863d ago

Be interesting to see detailed comparisons between the two, waiting for Digital Foundry's take

Aurenar2863d ago

The frame rate is obviously better on PC, with the right hardware. That's the biggest difference in favor of PC.

Aenea2862d ago

And higher resolution than 1080p...

XanderZane2862d ago

I think the game is upscaled to 4K on the XB1 Slim.

DARK_WOLF2862d ago

Indeed. The xb1s 4k upscaler is superb

_LarZen_2862d ago

The XBOS can upscale to a 4K TV. But it's recommended to use the upscaler that is in the TV instead as the one in the XBOS is not that good. And it's worth mentioning that the upscale function used is the most basic there is. It's nothing like on the PS4Pro.

XanderZane2862d ago (Edited 2861d ago )

This article has nothing to do with the PS4 Pro. This comparison is for FH3 on the XB1 S and PC. When Forza Horizon 3 & 4 hits the Scorpio, they will be native 4K with full HDR10 support, I'm sure. The upscaler on the XB1 S is actually pretty good. This comparison proves that.

LMAO @ bruce755 . You mad.

DARK_WOLF2862d ago (Edited 2862d ago )

Larzen that is a flat out LIE.

Get outa here with ur BS!

I know for a fact! And there are multiple articles saying how good the xb1s upscaler actually is. Its way better than any tv upscaler by far!

The fact u mentioned ps4pro thats not even out yet is laughable. I can smell ur agenda a mile away

fathertime44642862d ago

@ Larsen.
Get a life! The one s has a way better upscaler than a tv! Seriously dude do you even a one s? Answer no. Do you have a 4k tv? Answer no (don't need to know ya to know that's the truth). But hey I do, and guess what?! The one s way better, by miles

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TheOptimist2863d ago

Wow..... Really, I am a PC gamer and there are very little differences. Let's see when HDR is implemented on the PC. Damn... This looks like the best racing game ever, probably better than NFS most wanted. i wish they would add a cop mode to it, then it'll definitely surpass MW 2007. First MS game on my to-buy list.