Forza Horizon 3 Is the Best Looking Console Title Around If You Have a Xbox One S and a 4K HDR TV

EB: Gamers, we have a new champion of video game visuals in 2016, and that game is Forza Horizon 3 for the Xbox One and Windows 10 PCs. Although, to fully appreciate its brilliant visuals you must have some up-to-date gear to do so. This includes the Xbox One S and a 4K TV with HDR using the HDR10 standard, so it’s going to cost you if you don’t already have a capable setup. A high-end PC rig should also suffice, but those are even more costly than the new One S.

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mikeslemonade2862d ago

Only if you have the PC version.

dantesparda2862d ago (Edited 2862d ago )

And the morons continue to think that the 1S is doing real 4k or something. Its just the same X1 graphics upscaled to 4k. Yet then they scuff at the Pro when thats got 4.2TF (vs 1.3TF on the X1) and only costs $50 more than the 1S 1TB. FH3 still doesnt even look better than DC and its years later. Typical stupid internet.

candystop2862d ago

Who cares about the difference in power or price. XBS in my eyes is a much better deal than PS4 Pro and if I want power with true native 4k I will just wait for Scorpio. Personally I see no advantage when the games I also like are on Xbox.

Babadook72862d ago


Your right. The $50 extra is an amazing deal. It's literally 3x the power. (1.4 x 3 = 4.2)

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GameNameFame2861d ago

@ candystop

Its funny you mention that after saying "who cares".

Of course it becomes "who cares" when it doesn't fit your bias. Then claim Scorpio is best for graphics. Lawl.

Except, PC and lack of exclusives makes scorpio useless if you are going for "best for graphics" category. You can get Scorpio spec PC today and play all the Xbox games. You can also get better than Scorpio next year.

Lol. Let me guess, now you gonna say no one cares.

candystop2861d ago


So let me guess....you that there for 2 hours thinking of a way to make a comeback comment lol. Seriously though if you can't comprehend the point of my message I think Sony should take you off the payroll. Wait..you did understand but you just had to be a smart mouth! Smh

Callediceman2861d ago


to quote the article you didnt read "Horizon 3 should definitely be experienced in upscaled 4K with HDR" He said upscaled in the article stop crying.

dantesparda2860d ago


You care, otherwise you wouldnt have cared enough to respond, so you obviously care. And while in your fanboy baised eyes, you may think that the 1S is a better (which it most certainly is not). To the rest of the world, its not. Hence why, the PS4 has been slaughtering the X1 in sales, fact! Not just an opinion. And you can have found waiting for the Scorpio, which not only will probably cost more but will barely look any better. And the PC smokes its graphics now.


"Dante sure is mad."

xDealwithit sure is dumb.
Dont hurt yourself coming up with such intellectual comments.


Stop crying and whining. Stating facts isnt whining, what you do is.

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XanderZane2862d ago (Edited 2860d ago )

Go and get one then.

It says best looking "console title" in 4K HDR. This isn't about PC.

Nyxus2862d ago

Nah I'm good for now. I have a 1080p tv and regular Xbox One.

crazychris41242862d ago

I call BS but I'll will be willing to test your theory. Send me a X1S and 4K HDR TV and I'll be happy to verify your claim..it may take a while for the results lol

TheColbertinator2862d ago

Sent to your address as of now. A shady man wearing a trench coat while holding a knife will be at the door.

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ONESHOTV22862d ago (Edited 2862d ago )

well i do have a high end 2k monitor becuase i wanted 144hz but this should look very nice on it.

Bladesfist2862d ago (Edited 2862d ago )

I think by 2K he means 2560 x 1440. It's a 77% increase in pixels over 1080p.

Wikipedia however defines 2K as 2048 × 1080 but I have never seen that used.

Artemidorus2862d ago

Like 720p the same as 1080p when people were defending the Xbox One?

Did you ever do mathematics in school? It's a rule we all follow not a self entitled millennial rule where you just make numbers up.

ONESHOTV22862d ago

343_Guilty_Spark--no i'm talking about 2560x1440 @ 144hz-165 overclocked

Strikepackage Bravo2862d ago

Well apparently most of the reviewers don't have either, either. Because it seems like know one is talking about the HDR in the first game that fully utilizes HDR baked in?!?! Or maybe now that the Scorpio will be the king of the hill graphically and Xbox One S even has the two killer features of the PS4 Pro HDR and 4k scaling, maybe now graphics just aren't worth mentioning in game reviews all of a sudden.

hduce2862d ago (Edited 2861d ago )

I found it odd that even IGN didn't mention the hdr support. That was one of the features I am most excited about.

@Errorist76 If you are talking to me, I own 2 hdr capable tvs.

Errorist762862d ago (Edited 2862d ago )

Do yo even own an HDR capable TV yet?!

cleft52862d ago (Edited 2862d ago )

You do get that most folks dont have a 4k tv that is HDR capable yet. The reality is that Microsoft didnt make a big enough deal about HDR 4k right now. When the Scorpio drops it will be a huge deal for the games, but right now it isnt. Thats a problem that Sony is running into when talking about the PS4Pro right now as well.

The difference is that by putting a sticker on the box it becomes a feature that stands out enough that it needs to be reviewed. The PS4Pro is being billed as this 4k HDR capable device so reviewers will have to look at that feature. The Xbox One S isnt being pushed as a 4k machine, its being pushed as an Xbox One that has some 4k abilities, it only got that major push after PS4Pro was announced.

So it isnt surprising this feature doesnt get talked up more. Especially when Microsoft isnt screaming to the hills this is a 4k HDR game. They arent saying that for a very good reason by the way.

TheColbertinator2862d ago

Very well said