Preview: Gears of War 4’s Horde Mode Made Me A Chainsaw Convert

Gears of War 4’s Horde Mode is a tighter, sounder experience than ever before, and it was enough to warm one writer up to the whole Gears franchise.

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boodi2331d ago

I'm born with the chainsaw

2331d ago
FITgamer2331d ago

Will Horde mode be cross play?

spicelicka2331d ago

Yes they did say all co-op modes will be cross play, so both campaign and horde.

raven7472331d ago

it is only crossplay on private server, on the public servers you will only allowed to play against similar system

christocolus2331d ago

Horde mode is back. 4 player couch co-op will be so much fun.

Orionsangel2331d ago

What always made GOW Multiplayer stand out was that intimacy between players. Especially when its you and one other player left. That pressure but excitement of not wanting to let your team down. You'r either gonna be the hero or the zero. That and the slow pacing as well. You can easily set up kills. In other words I can think ahead and plan my strategy better hand. That's just me. I find FPS multiplayer games too intense and chaotic. Half the time I don't know who shot me let alone where the shot came from. If you like that it's fine. I'm not knocking it. It's just not for me. I only like playing GOW Multiplayer.

DaDrunkenJester2330d ago

This is why I hated TDM in Gears... it just didn't feel right.