Gears of War 4 Preview – Brutality Revisited | CGM

The Coalition and Xbox are taking players back to the world of Sera with Gears of War 4, and things have never looked so good.

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2330d ago
sammarshall1022330d ago

I'm stoked Gears 4 looks so incredible

REDDURT2330d ago

I have the sneaking feelings of 6 to 7 across the board

ninsigma2330d ago

Nah I'd say 7.5 to 8.5
Not that reviews actually matter but I can see it scoring decently.

i3eyond the Circle2330d ago

Gears of War articles the new grounds for fanboys to vent their lack of good holiday Software, and underwhelming new hardware frustrations.

I'll be playing this With HDR on for the campaign and dropping 50+ hours into this critically acclaimed and probably the best third person multiplayer... That's more time and value any exclusive dropped this year has did for me.

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