PS4 Slim review – a total no-brainer

Skinny, cheap and still as powerful.​

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NotEvenMyFinalForm1779d ago (Edited 1779d ago )

It would of been a no brainer if they didn't remove the optical output, something that has been a standard since the freaking PS2. And how much money they'll save from removing it? Like 50 cents? Nowhere near the $15 that would of cost them the inclusion of a UHD drive.

ninsigma1779d ago

15 dollars for a uhd drive?? Yeah good luck

eferreira1779d ago

Haven't used optical since 2007. No need for it. Stop complaining troll.

blady_man1779d ago

Well i do use it with my 7.1 head phones, n probably he does too, so u are the troll cause u asume that nobody uses it just because u dont

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SniperControl1779d ago

If Sony sell another 20mill PS4S consoles over the remainder of this gen say over two to three years, thats a saving of £10mill, it all adds up in the end.

bouzebbal1779d ago

By trying to sound smart you sound all opposite..

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MasterCornholio1779d ago

Exactly what it is. It's a fantastic console.

NeoGamer2321779d ago

So exactly what does it give that you can't get from a launch PS4 that makes it a no brainer?

I can understand that if I was a new PS4 owner Slim would probably be a good choice. But, I don't know why an existing PS4 owner would go and buy one when HDR will be patched into their existing console (Which I think is very good that Sony are doing).

Nyxus1779d ago

I don't think the Slim is really meant for existing PS4 owners.

TFJWM1779d ago

It is crazy. I was in Best Buy and people were trading in their reg PS4s for $120 and I'm like that is a while to give it up till the PS4P comes out but no they were trading in for the Slim...

I was like you know it really doesn't have any upgrades why not just trade in for the pro in a couple months, they didn't care and just wanted it cause it was new...

MasterCornholio1779d ago (Edited 1779d ago )

Launch PS4s won't be available once they get rid of the stock. Which is why the Slim is a fantastic option for new PS4 owners who are on a budget.

I believe you didn't understand what i was trying to say.


You got that right. The meaningful upgrade for current PS4 owners is the PS4 Pro.


A lot of people do that when a new model comes out. The good thing about that it that it's still a sale for Sony. And the other side of that is there will be a flood of cheap used PS4s on the market which will future fuel PS4 software sales.

OB1Biker1779d ago (Edited 1779d ago )

I dont understand the hate. Seems a very sleek console and not standing out to much.
Also dedicated gamers who need a new console will probably prefer the Pro which is good value for the price so they dont need to 'hate' this one.

MasterCornholio1779d ago (Edited 1779d ago )

To be fair most people that complain are the ones who want to watch UHD Movies on the device. So far I* haven't seen any gamers complain about the games for Slim almost all of them claim that the slim will provide a great gaming experience just like it's older brother the Standard PS4.

OB1Biker1779d ago

Ive seen many complains about its purported 'ugliness' which I dont get either haha
I think pictures dont do it justice tbh

ninsigma1779d ago

To be fair, most of the people complaining about the UHD are xbox players just because it's something xbox has that playstation doesn't. They don't even have 4k tvs.

UCForce1779d ago (Edited 1779d ago )

A great review ! But it is something to remind of.

Muzikguy1779d ago

Strange this is a no brainer yet there's tons of hate for the Pro. I'd rather get the Pro, myself. Maybe the hate has been more equal and I'm just not seeing it. Really there shouldn't be any IMO as they're both going to be great

madmonkey011779d ago

Only hate amongst Xbox people that are falling further behind

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