Brand New Sony Glacier White PS4 Slim Announced for EU JP SG

With Sony announcing their brand new Glacier White version of its new PlayStation 4 Slim, we’re pretty stoked to see Singapore being one of the few select countries to receive this brand new colour variant.

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Yonkiedoodle1719d ago

Is white still in? I want gun metal color pls!

TankCrossing1719d ago

No. No white is not in.
/stares disapprovingly at the Xbox One S.

Killa781719d ago

The white Xbox One S is actually pretty nice imo.

TankCrossing1719d ago (Edited 1719d ago )

Depends where you put it. It'd look fine in a kids bedroom or whatever.

I've had the original behemoth Xbox One, and replaced it with an Xbox One S. The Xbox One S is far more visible, which is a bad thing for a home entertainment centre.

The white PS4 doesn't add features or anything so I have nothing to complain about at all, just pointing out my preference because I know everybody really cares to hear it :)

Krypto1719d ago

I'm waiting for the Glacier white PS4 Pro, I have the white PS4 now and to me looks nicer than the black.

Yohshida1719d ago

I just want Crystal Clear Consoles again #MakeClearGreatAgain

geraldgeek1719d ago

Totally forgot about these! N64 had it back in the day right?

Yohshida1719d ago

Ye, I remember OG XBOX and Gameboy had a few models out and of course all the PlayStation Crystal Controllers that kicked a**.

ninsigma1719d ago

Had the Crystal xbox. That was a beautiful beast.

Bronxs151719d ago

Sony copying the Xbox one s.

Kurt Russell1719d ago

Yeah, because white is so exclusive huh?..

ILostMyMind1719d ago

Not anymore. MS lost this too.

Utalkin2me1719d ago

Yeah cause like there wasn't a white PS2 or PS3....Its funny cause if you actually take into account by your logic. MS copied the white console from the PS2.

But i would be more disturbed by the fact that if things are so bad you have to try to lie and hang your hate on console color. That speaks volumes in itself.

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jznrpg1719d ago

Make some cool Pro versions and I will buy another

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