PS4 Slim 1TB on shelves this month, $299 MSRP

Arriving on store shelves this month: new slim PS4 system featuring a 1TB internal HDD for $299.99 MSRP.

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Bruh1621d ago

Gotta release a new SKU for no reason when your competitors are launching new systems in the same year haha

MasterCornholio1621d ago

This SKU is replacing the 500GB one. Also I'm sure this SKU will sell really well.

3-4-51621d ago

Yea it was a logical business decision and a good one. Should help them compete against the Scorpio & Switch a bit, although I don't think anything is stopping the Switch's momentum for a while.

There is room for all 3 companies to succeed and do well, and decisions like this are part of that.

TheUndertaker851621d ago (Edited 1621d ago )

If it's replacing the 500GB slim model then why is the price $299 instead of $249? That'd make their replacement $50 more than what's available on the market right now.

Not to mention puts PS4 Slim at $50 more than Xbox One S.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1621d ago

Want to know what's funny about your comment? The weak, PS4 Slim will outsell "The most powerful console in the world" by several million units.

TheUndertaker851621d ago

Yeah right? Because they're tracking PS4 sales separately from the Slim model. /s

SpaceRanger1621d ago

Yeah because launching new SKUs is like a 5 minute decision by the higher ups. I swear, some people here seem to have no common sense.

jukins1621d ago

Yea 1tb as the standard ps4 what a horrible idea

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DarXyde1621d ago

At this time, I often ask myself, "who doesn't own a PS4 yet?"

Then I remember that a console generation usually has the lead console break 100 million.

1621d ago
FallenAngel19841621d ago

Aw shoot I knew I should've held out longer on getting one

FallenAngel19841621d ago

I'll just have to buy a bigger HDD

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