GET OVER HERE! over 8mins of new MK vs. DC footage.

Unit from TrueGameHeadz writes:
"Still think the upcoming MK vs. DC fighting game from Midway is gonna suck? Check out this video with over 8 mins of new footage showcasing some cool ass moves, destructible environments/clothing, brutalities,fatalities, and new combo system. Plus an explanation of just how much control you have over your character even while being grabbed or thrown! Midway has stated...."

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Bombibomb3787d ago

Scorpion's Fatality = Teh sux.

bitboi3787d ago

yea it's kinda sad that it's the same fatality from the first MK game, which isn't as impressive anymore

LastDance3786d ago

The jokers fatality is pretty ruthless lol even if it is simple.

Panthers3786d ago

I love toasty but they need to keep shocking us, which isnt going to happen in a T games

jcfilth3786d ago (Edited 3786d ago )

It's looking good but kind of slow right? I miss the classic MK fast movements.
Will this game have Babalities, Animalities, Friendships and all that? If it has all this I'll buy it.

bitboi3786d ago

it may look slow because theres more frames of animation in the characters, but it still plays fast enuff. Also they're going back to their oldschool roots with this version of MK. No babalities,friendships or animalities. the only thing they're keeping in is the brutalities because the DC heroes don't actual kill anyone. They just severely beat the crap outta them.

bitboi3786d ago

of all people im waiting to see is one of my fav characters, raiden! and that joker fatality is kinda funny lol

Mikelarry3786d ago

i was a bit skeptic about this game when they first announced it but it seems to be coming on nicely.

bitboi3786d ago

you and a lot of people were/are in the same boat. Hell i was there too brushing this game off. But after seeing the walk thru and talking with the devs. this has become one of my anticipated games. It looks to bring the series back to its glory days and it's funny how it took iconic comic book characters to do so.

gano3786d ago

It still look like work needs to be done to it.
But it def has potential.

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The story is too old to be commented.