UWP NESbox Emulator In Certification For Xbox One

NES (.nes), Sega (.gen .smd), Super Nintendo (.smc), GameBoy (.gb .gbc .gba) could be playable on the Xbox One very soon.

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Tedakin1786d ago

Does this mean we can play NES games free on the Xbox? Someone explain this whole thing to me. Seems like Nintendo would have something to say.

Tedakin1786d ago

I got a dislike but no response to my question.... Thank you N4G, always so helpful.

Spike20XX1786d ago

to answer your question.....

That's what they want to do, for you to be able to play NES games on your Xbox, but of course Nintendo won't let this happen. In less than 24 hours this would be shut down if it goes greenlight.

shadowfax331786d ago

a third party is developing the emulator not Microsoft, they just authorize it for their UWP(which only recently compatible with Xbox one)
think of Microsoft UWP as google play store or apple store, you can easily find NES emulator on these stores too.

vishant1011786d ago (Edited 1786d ago )

Emulators are completely legal. ROMs are not. Its the same way these emulators are readily available on google play.

1786d ago
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AngelicIceDiamond1786d ago

They need to do OG Xbox games next.

mark_parch1786d ago

if this happens this will be fucking huge

Goldby1786d ago

Ues because people buy brand new consoles to play old games...

theRell1786d ago

I just want to play Leaf Green on my Xbox One...

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