Star Trek: Bridge Crew Has Finally Convinced Me Of VR

In the onslaught of AAA previews we got to experience this Gamescom, it’s often hard to find experiences that come out of nowhere and surprise you with their gameplay elements.

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amiga-man877d ago

I will certainly be buying this game, having grown up with Star Trek this is right up my alley, fire Phasers, Aye Aye captain.

joeorc877d ago (Edited 877d ago )

Same here, multiplayer VR & Co-op experience base group gaming reminds me of SFB..that's Starfleet battles also in the old FASA RPG game startrek combat simulator.. Both great board / miniature's games..

This sounds like the same feel to it...every person has a position with the ships command deck..of course...turning to your Vulkan science officer and getting the response Fascinating... Lol

Though I could imagine Ubisoft making ID this goes well Klingon and Romulan bridge crew games what would really be awesome is if they did a group blind bridge crew space ship combat simulator fight at a convention between two bridge crews..each in a different room it's like blind scale your bridge crews are in one physical room while the other bridge crew are in another .

So you cannot hear what each bridge crew are the ship combat..movement of the ship..etc