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Overall, the problem with Too Human it just doesn't stand out in any meaningful or significant way. While stuff like the graphics, controls, gameplay and inventory and item system each seem satisfactory on their own, collectively they combine to produce a generic RPG that doesn't really seem strong in any particular aspect.

If you're the type of gamer who is easily had by RPG's in your quest to level up, then Too Human will probably keep you occupied from start to finish, but even then you can do that with a rental. For everyone else, go play Mass Effect instead.

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PoSTedUP4322d ago

its still a AAA title no matter what the reviews say. and if you disagree you must not no what AAA means. : P

the majority doesn't seem to like this game, must be worth a rent though. no?

Bombibomb4322d ago (Edited 4322d ago )

7 or higher = Rent.
8.5 or higher = Buy.
6 or lower = Just laugh at the developers for making this piece of shet.

thor4322d ago

The problem with the review system today

Should be

0-4 is a pretty bad game, but 4 is OK and may be worth a rent
5-6 is an OK game, worth a rent
7-8 is a good game, should buy it
9-10 is reserved for the most awesome games

If a game gets a 5.5 it is OK. Like they said in the review. So it's reasonably fun. It hasn't flopped completely. I find it more worrying that when a game gets a 7 it is said to have flopped, when 7 is meant to be a good score.

she00win994322d ago

another too flop review, i think the xbots had enough, stop kicking them when they are already down..

SL1M DADDY4322d ago

How when games like Lair and Haze, there were tons of people bashing the games and not the review system. Suddenly, an expected hit for the 360 comes out and gets low scores and then all of a sudden the review system is broken. Sorry, but we take the good with the bad and yeah, from the start of it all I have thought the review system was broken but Too Human was not the first game I thought was caught up in the mess. Heck, you could say that GTA4 was a debacle as it should never have gotten a 10 out of 10 but rather an 8. Lair got bad reviews because the developer forced us to use a new control scheme... Sorry, but they raved about the graphics and said the story was good but yet due to one flaw, it received a 4 and a 5 from just about everybody.

thor4322d ago

If you're not comparing too human to all the fantastic games out there, it will stand on its own as an OK title. Same goes for lair and haze. I find it particularly irritating because reviewers now basically have a score system from 5-10, 0-4 is redundant because everyone will say a game has absolutely failed if it gets that score.

The review system fails because it is impossible to assign a number to a game in a reliable way. There's no way to judge it except by guesswork and comparing it to other games' scores. Reviewers should stop giving out grades and scores for games. Sites like metacritic apply a statistical method (weighted average) to review scores, when they are just opinion and not in the slightest statistical variables.

Too_Hyped4322d ago

Total Flop confirmed... It's a pretty sad mark.

I hope Banjo will manage to score a bit more, I don't have any 360, but I think everybody should have one or two nice games to play anyway, and the 360 owners definitely didn't have theirs this year.

4322d ago
Too_Hyped4322d ago (Edited 4322d ago )

Ah ah nice trolling but no... Main games I played this year :
- Uncharted
- Ratchet
- MGS 4
- Soul Calibur 4
- Resistance
- Gran Turismo 5 prologue
- GTA 4
- Devil May Cry 4

+ tons of great PSN titles (especially Siren)

All AAA games. ;)

And you, what did you play except the multiplatform games in 2008 ? Too Human ? (60 % in Metacritic ?) Maybe Ninja Gaiden 2 but that's all (and still, it was a mediocre game too) Please tell me I'm curious.

4322d ago
Too_Hyped4322d ago (Edited 4322d ago )

5.5 is ultra low. Only possible on 360 ?

10 years for a 5.5/10 game : achievement unlocked !

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