New Gears of War 4 Campaign Gameplay: Introducing the DeeBees - IGN First

Meet the new "Deebees" enemy race, old-man Marcus Fenix, and new weapons in 8 minutes of new gameplay.

OpieWinston2670d ago (Edited 2670d ago )

Given how after the war humanity was pushed to pretty much the brink of being wiped out. Building an army of robots to rebuild their society makes the most amount of sense. Especially since the planet has always been pretty hostile.
Loving the new weapons. Hoping the Enforcer is a decent way to drop a gnasher rusher. I do love me some Gnasher vs Gnasher but when two are running at me... I want to take out one first.

Loving Old Marcus and JD.

christocolus2670d ago (Edited 2670d ago )

Robots? Nice. This looks really good. The Coalition is doing a great job so far. I hope there'll be plenty of surprises left. Can't wait to play this.

Lmao @ "They're going to mess up my f***ing tomatoes!"

Youtube link - https://www.youtube.com/wat...


“Android soldiers don't really feel Gears
of War like at all. It's an interesting
idea from a story perspective,”

Yeah, Androids in the Gears universe is something new and I'll take new monster types over androids anyday but I think it will be okay if they are properly woven into the storyline and not the main enemy type.
Anyways I don't think we've seen all of the enemy types yet,Rod Fergusson said we should expect even more surprises so I'm thinking more monster types and new weapons. So far they seem to be playing it safe with these camaign videos maybe they do not want to show too much and give away a lot.

Abash2670d ago

I am not really feeling these new enemies, it really dashes my hopes of Gears 4 recapturing the Gears 1 feeling. The first Gears of War had a distinct horror feel to it, every new enemy that was encountered as you played through the first game was introduced with an awesomely done scene that tried to get you tense knowing you were up against one of the world's horrific creatures.

Android soldiers don't really feel Gears of War like at all. It's an interesting idea from a story perspective, but I don't want this to turn into a plot of "Androids are taking over" just to keep the series going because they feel fighting the Locusts is getting stale. I would have liked new enemies that were more monster-like

DARK_WOLF2670d ago (Edited 2670d ago )

Robots have been in gears since the beginning.

Just think how cool it will be fighting these robots ( especially on insane ) and then the monsters come out to play.

Rather than just being locust all the time this gives more variety i think and im really liking what im seeing.

The graphics are sick and the weather effects and new weapons look so good!

I cant wait to play and i dnt care what any1 thinks this game is GOTY material.

Horde mode 3.0 will be amazing too aah cant wait to play it with my mates

OpieWinston2670d ago

Very beautiful, the art team at Coalition is pretty solid. And good to know Marcus still feels like Marcus.

On the flip side they still haven't shown many of the boss fights. Replacing Bezerkers/Brumaks for Horde 3.0 will be interesting.

The plot isn't Androids taking over...Least not yet.
The COG control them and they're hunting down JD/Del cause they've gone AWOL/Rogue. If you hear their dialogue it's talking about retrieving them because they're deserters.

And the Swarm are the monster like enemies... Have you not been keeping up with GoW 4 at all?

Idiedgoodbye2670d ago

I'm not sure if they were android's but in Gears 3 you could upgrade decoys until they became ai controlled helpers

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mark_parch2670d ago

yep love the dynamic between Marcus and JD, love the new weapons and that scene at the ened was epic van't wait, looks really good

-Foxtrot2669d ago (Edited 2669d ago )

I'm really liking the fact they've brought Marcus back...it allows Story DLC to let us play him again.

However where the hell is Anya? I hope they haven't done the generic thing games/films do when they do a sequel, can't make use for a character and just kill them off. I wanted to see old man Marcus and Anya fight alongside each other.

The thing about the robot enemies is that it's supposed to be bloody, how can you get that from robot enemies? I just didn't think they would have the resources and the like after the war desolated the majority of the COG and the planet. 100 years fair enough but only 25.

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PistolsAtDawn2670d ago (Edited 2670d ago )

The more I see this game, the more it looks like a true GOTY candidate. Looks F'n amazing and didn't have to skimp on things like lighting/weather/AI/gameplay to do it.

Apparently this footage is from X1 too. https://twitter.com/PezRada...

81BX2670d ago

Is it xb1s or xb1? Is there a difference? Looks amazing

PistolsAtDawn2670d ago

I don't know if it's S or regular, but the S version will take advantage of HDR, so this MIGHT be the S version.

81BX2670d ago

Yeah, i wish they would tag the video. I want to see the basic ( i guess thats what we could call it) version on the xb1

crazychris41242670d ago (Edited 2670d ago )

Idk if it was the difficulty they were on but the robots move pretty slow and just slowly move towards you. Rather see the the bots carrying the sub machine gun run around and constantly use cover while the heavies keep you suppressed.

Did anyone notice at 6:54 that you can pick up a custom Lancer, wonder what we can customize besides skins?

ShadowKnight2670d ago (Edited 2670d ago )

I thought I was the only person that notice that about the robots. I always look at the small details and little things lol 😆

P.S. is this Terminator and I robot now 🤔😅

sammarshall1022670d ago

Lol I thought about terminator when I saw and heard the robots

Gears 4 is looking amazing I'm so impressed with the weapons, enemies and environments including the weather affects

Grap2670d ago (Edited 2670d ago )

I think it's more about the lore these robots aren't your main enemy and they aren't very smart, human was brink of extinction at the end of GOW3, it will be unrealistic if they have super ai in 20 years.

crazychris41242670d ago

its possible, Im sure they will explain everything in the game

Idiedgoodbye2670d ago

I can't see the video but I hope what you discribe will be in Horde mode

marioJP872670d ago

Not in agreement with robots in a gears of war game but the gameplay does look fun.

spicelicka2670d ago (Edited 2670d ago )

I personally love it! I think the terminator style relentless machines really compliment the Gears theme. And the way they get damaged with sparks and falling parts is a satisfying contrast to the meaty absorbing monsters that we're used to fighting. It adds variety and makes the game look fresher without taking anything away, so i'm all for it.

Robots being an enemy force i would not be in agreement with, but in this case they seem to just be reinforcers for the COG. It will be interesting to see a 3 way battle with these machines, the Swarm, and JD's crew.

marioJP872670d ago

Yeah, im sure i'll quickly adjust to it. It doesn't look sucky at all and lets just be honest, most of these games have changed from their roots anyway. Im still looking forward to this.

Elit3Nick2670d ago

Bare in mind that Jack was an extremely advanced robot that could levitate and go invisible, and he's been in the series since the beginning.

marioJP872670d ago

True but I guess it just seems different when fighting android robots though. Im so used to the locust enemies.

Idiedgoodbye2670d ago

Zombies in a War game called Call of Duty. What is your opinion on that?