IGN UK: Spore Review

IGN UK writes: "Spore doesn't achieve the seamless evolutionary process and absolute player expression it first promised. What it turns out to be is something quite different altogether, a bizarre experiment of ideas that, incredibly, focus into something truly remarkable. Spore isn't what anyone thought it would be, but it's still a triumph.

The platitudes and criticisms can come later, though: first, the facts. Spore's brief is that you climb a custom-made beastie up the evolutionary ladder, from cellular pipsqueak to land-walking animal to tribal half-wit to civilised sentient and finally to space-faring ultra-being. Along the way you're tailoring your creature's appearance, behaviour, costuming and eventually vehicles and cities. While your experiences may mirror another player's, your sights most definitely won't. Spanky procedural generation tech sees the way your creations move and communicate depend on their design. Stick eight legs on it and it'll walk totally differently to a six-legged creature – and even to an eight-legged creature with its limbs placed differently. Clearly it's the game's under-the-hood tech that's making this happen, but crucially it adds to that sense that you've made something."

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Zip3878d ago

looks like somebuddy promissed too much, but its nice they pulled it off afterall

TwissT3878d ago

Wow, really good score.