5 Delayed Titles which Failed to Impress

With the rather lacklustre reviews of the severely delayed Crackdown 3, TBG look at 5 other titles which took their time in getting to us.

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mkis007852d ago

Dont agree with The last even won 15 goty awards.

Nintentional851d ago (Edited 851d ago )

Of course you don’t , because it’s on playstation lol

Atticus_finch851d ago

Nope, because it was actually rated well. Don't let it bother you too much.

isarai852d ago (Edited 852d ago )

Duke Nukem Forever was given no chance, 3D Realms gave them their baby and they just outsourced the hell out of it like they just didn't even want to touch the project.

Also no on The Last Guardian, was nominated and was winner of tons of awards, there's just a divide between those who know what it's like dealing with essentially training an animal, and those who just want snappy/game-ey reactions from Trico. Even so it's at 87 on metacritic, wouldn't call that "failed to impress"

PhantomS42851d ago

The Last Guardian was fantastic, just because it wasn't better than Shadow of the Colossus doesn't mean it was a disappointment.

FlyingFoxy851d ago (Edited 851d ago )

DNF wasn't even as bad as many people made out, what i personally thought of the game was that it felt like Doom 3 mixed with another game, but i think it did use the Doom 3 engine which is why it felt like it, but of course it was much more open.

One of the things i noticed about it was inconsistent level design, i enjoyed some levels like the one with the mine cart and that alien hive map later on, some other levels seemed to drag on a little bit.

I think LGR did a video review stating similar things, but i had already said about this on forums etc practically when the game came out.

As with sheep and most things though, people are usually quick to call crap when it comes to reviews and critics.


More late than delayed, but for me it would be Kingdom Hearts 3.

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