8-Bit Oversights: Games That Should Have Been Included In The New Mini NES Classic Edition

So, Nintendo's got a new mini NES with 30 games packed in.Here's 12 classics they snubbed.

hamzilla2514d ago

It is called rights, and RARE is no longer got any rights with Nintendo. as for some of the others, maybe someday they will be added VC games can be downloaded to it FYI

RosweeSon2514d ago

Rare have got all the rights to their games FYI. The only games rare don't own the rights to are where Nintendo characters are involved I.E the donkey kong games, Diddy Kong racing etc. Hence why banjo is on Xbox ;)

Zeldafan642513d ago

Rare developed but doesn't own Goldeneye 64.

2513d ago
pcz2512d ago

i find it funny that you think nintendo didnt give careful consideration to the 30 games it included in the collection.

any games not included were left out for a reason.

Sitdown2513d ago

Super Dodge Ball was great, but how do you forget Track and Field, Double Dribble, Skate or Die, Paperboy, Bad Dudes, Top Gun, Blades of Glory, WrestleMania, Tecmo wrestling, bomberman, etc

strayanalog2513d ago

Every game should have been included are you kidding?!

slate912513d ago (Edited 2513d ago )

what size are these pixel games? And can they only fit 30?

HisRandomFriend2513d ago

There are probably about 5MB worth of games here. I didn't feel like doing the exact math, but considering these games average from 8KB to 128KB My estimate may in fact be too high. The user interface will probably be about 1GB (1024MB) so I'd be surprised if this thing even holds 2GB, honestly it probably costs Nintendo less than $5 to make one. That being said I'll probably still buy one since it looks pretty neat.

slate912512d ago

Agreed it does look good. Im just being a spoiled american and wishing it was more than 30 games or at least a promise to add future titles

gerbwmu2512d ago

At one point it was reported that the Wii had enough memory to fit every game in the library of NES & SNES in it woth room to spare so I think these 30 games take up even less then your estimates

2513d ago
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