The Tale of Tetris | A Strange and Surprising Story

Discover the incredible story behind the world-famous game of Tetris, from its origins in Soviet-era Moscow to its global domination in the 1980s and beyond. Learn about the legal battles, political intrigue, and personal connections that helped make Tetris one of the most beloved and enduring games of all time.

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franwex197d ago

I couldn’t keep up. Haha.


PLAYSTUDIOS has acquired the rights to the Tetris franchise for mobile devices

PLAYSTUDIOS, a casual games developer has officially acquired the rights to develop the iconic Tetris franchise for mobile devices.

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NES Games that Still Hold Up Today

Nearly 40 years after its release, the NES is still one of the most popular gaming consoles in the world! Here are our top NES games that have stood the test of time.

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franwex718d ago

Sounded pretty defensive there with Zelda 2…

Jiub718d ago

Ahhh Contra. My first Shoot 'em up. Good times

shadowT930d ago (Edited 929d ago )

Missing Spider-Man: Miles Morales for PS5 in this list. Love this game!

Orchard929d ago

They probably didn't include it (and a bunch of others) because of their criteria for "lasting influence on the industry".

SMMM is a good game, but it doesn't stand out enough to have THAT huge of an impact on the industry as a whole - especially when compared to games like Mario, Halo & Tetris.

Sonic-and-Crash929d ago (Edited 929d ago )

i would also add Sonic and Crash (pun intended lol) ...Sonic 1 on MD is a all time classic game that helped MegaDrive to separate itself and explode in sales... also Crash Bandicoot ...while not exactly a launch game..it was pretty close to launch for PS1 (in Europe was almost a launch game as PS1 released later here) and trademarked the start of PS era

Orchard929d ago

Totally agree - those two games were huge for the industry & direction of platformers.

p.s. love the irony of your name for this post :P

jaymacx929d ago

Sonic was not a launch game. I keep seeing people say it was, but maybe they were so young it’s when they got the console. Crash bandicoot definitely wasn’t even close to being a launch game . These games are system sellers though.

septemberindecember929d ago


Neither Sonic nor Crash released anywhere close to the launch of their respective consoles. Crash released a full year after the western launch of the PS1 (and two full years after Japan's launch), and Sonic released two years after Genesis in US, and a year after Mega Drive in PAL regions.

CorndogBurglar929d ago

I knoe it wasn't a massive influence on the industry, but Condemned: Criminal Origins on Xbox 360 is one of my all time favorite launch games.

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Fluttershy77929d ago

Ok you love it, and that's great but I think you are missing the point of the article... In any case to judge something like this I think you need time, currently we can see the tree but not the forest

darthv72929d ago

Soul Calibur... that game still holds up to this day. Such an excellent game.

jgilbert11929d ago

That game has aged like a fine wine. Still go back to it all the time on my Dreamcast.

Minute Man 721929d ago

I should have never sold my Dreamcast

ZeekQuattro929d ago

Mitsurugi was seriously wounded but the soul still burns.

Orchard929d ago

Super Mario 64 + Halo were my favorite launch games - outstanding games.

Shuckylad929d ago

Super Mario World SNES
Mario 64 N64
Halo Xbox
Motorstorm Ps3
Zelda BOTW switch

The Wood929d ago

Motor storm. . . Yeah. . Underrated

Jericho1337929d ago

Not a launch title though.

Omegasyde929d ago

In USA not a launch title but yes in EU etc.

frostypants929d ago

Super Mario World is still my my favorite of all Mario games and in the discussion for best side scroller ever.